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As per the name of the platform, you will certainly find a lucky crush for you. Lucky crush's video calling technology is the best random chatting technology in the world. Lucky crush video chat is used by most hot girls all over the world. 

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Important Note: For using Luckycrush for free, you need to click the above 'FREE' button and complete the sign-up process. After signing up successfully, you will be able to use Luckycrush for free and mind one thing that if YOU WON'T SIGNUP THE PAGE AFTER CLICKING THE ABOVE BUTTON, YOU WILL BE NEVER ABLE TO USE LUCKYCRUSH FOR FREE.  

Are you tired of finding an opposite-sex partner to chat with on other random video chatting platforms?
Are you sick of getting low-quality video streaming and interrupting chats continuously?

On LuckyCrush, you won't find any problems that you face on other random video chatting or video dating platforms. It uses advanced technology so that you will get a smooth chatting experience with your buddy.


LuckyCrush has one of the easiest sign-up processes with the single opt-in method and once you are registered, you can chat with hot girls and cool boys waiting for you.

In upcoming paragraphs, you will get all the charismatic and astonishing reasons that why you should prefer Luckycrush above all the other video dating platforms.

Let's just dive in.....

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Introducing LuckyCrush | Best for Video Dating Site in 2024

LuckyCrush is the best video dating chatroom that pairs you up with random hot girls and cool boys from all around the world. It has some phenomenal features that will make you leave other chat rooms and join this chat room instantly.

LuckyCrush Homepage

The most noteworthy characteristic of the LuckyCrush is that it is made exclusively for heterosexuals i.e. if you are a boy, you will only find girls to chat with and if you are a girl, you will only find boys to chat with. In other chatting platforms, you find 90% of same-gender people but this platform is unique from all.

In the other video dating platforms, you are faced with various technical issues and poor video quality all the time but on LuckyCrush, you won't face any of those problems because it uses advanced video streaming technology and you will get a crystal clear video experience.

Since the technology used by LuckyCrush is well developed, this platform has unbelievable speed and it is very smooth. This platform is well secured and you won't find your privacy being compromised here.

This is the newest but the most appealing platform in the video dating industry. This website was launched in 2019 and it has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time.

 Active Members
 more than 1 million
 Daily logins
 more than 110,000, 47.14% from USA
 Free of Charge
 Premium version
 VIP Membership
 Fraud risk
 medium/High level
 Direct Traffic
 Area/ Region
 USA, International
 Account verification
 Android app
 Not Available
 IOS app
 Not Available

Mind-blowing Features of LuckyCrush

Being one of the best Video dating websites in the world, LuckyCrush has some sensational features which you won't find in other video dating and chatting platforms.

15-Little Known Qualities of LuckyCrush in 2024

  • Meeting Girls and Guys have become so much easier with the LuckyCrush. You can instantly start a private chat in less than 10 seconds
  • Once you logged in, you will be randomly paired with the people. If you don't like a particular person, you can click next to find the other one. 
  • You don't need a gender filter on this platform because this platform is specially designed for heterosexuals that means as a boy, you will only able to chat with a girl and vice versa.
  • The most unique feature of LuckyCrush is that Auto Translation is available here. You can talk to anyone in the world without bothering the language, your language will be instantly translated into the native language of your chatting partner. It uses a triple online translator.
  • Here, Ladies are available for the chat all the time because they get monetary incentives. Therefore, you will find hot girls to chat with any time you visit the platform.
  • Since LuckyCrush uses advanced technology, you will get the HD videos streamed at a very high speed. Most of the girls use HD cameras so that you will have a very good experience here. 
  • Besides the HD quality live streaming, you can also send text messages on a chat window.
  • LuckyCrush will ask you a couple of questions related to your gender, location and interest. This platform has built-in intelligence system to find the best partner for you to virtual dating. Still, if you don't like the person, it will keep on finding the best partners for you. 
  • On some other video chatting rooms, they broadcast videos of the girls and you think that they are real. But on this platform, you will 100% real people and you won't be deceived here like the other platforms.
  • The LuckyCrush platform or website is available in multiple languages.
  • Gays, Lesbians, or Transgenders are not available to chat with, so if you want to chat with them, this platform is not suitable for you. 
  • You can also hide your face if you don't want to show your face, you can chat with the text. But if the girls don't see your face, they will more likely to skip you
  • As far as girls are concerned, it provides a very good opportunity to earn some money online. Girls are paid a good amount of money to chat with guys here. 
  • There are various sections present for you on the LuckyCrush like Chat Moderation, Finance, and General questions.
  •  On the free version of LuckyCrush, you will get very little time to chat, and eventually, you have to pay a little bit of money to continue, but its pricing plans are worth as far as their quality is concerned. 

Lucky Crush is good for you, If.......

  • You are looking to make your time, the 'quality time' by connecting with the hot and sizzling girls around the world.
  • You are comfortable with unsolicited pictures and videos of random hot girls
  • You are a girl and want to make good money because girls are paid a very amount of money by the Luckycrush to chat with men around the globe. 
  • You are comfortable by turning your camera on for talking with strangers. 
  • You are a girl and comfortable seeing men's unsolicited pictures and videos. 

Attractive & Quality Interface

  • LuckyCrush has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. Navigation on this platform is also very simple here. The color combination chosen is very attractive and it gives you a positive feeling to chat with a very good experience. 
  • It uses advanced technology to steam real-time video chats but if you will use a good HD camera on your computer, you will get a very nice experience with all the hot girls waiting for you to chat. 
  • The registration process of this platform is very short and sweet and you just have to add your few details to get started. 
  • This website also provides good support, if you find any difficulties regarding any issues, they will help you as soon as possible. They have a very large team to monitor things. 

    Audience Quality

    • There are 1000s of people available to chat with at every instant from 205 countries. This platform is newer than its competitors, but it has grown quite fastly and has become popular a lot. 
    • Most of the users on LuckyCrush belong to the age range of 18-40 years. It means you will get lots of young beautiful girls to date with. 
    • 90% of the people on LuckyCrush are from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. But the majority of the people are from the USA i.e. 47.14%. 
    • Most of the girls here are very friendly and are always willing to start a video date with you. They have a very good sense of humor and if you will also behave well, you will have a heavenly experience of this website. 
    • There are lots of fake profiles on the other chatrooms, but here on LuckyCrush, you will find all the profiles verified. You won't find fake profiles to chat with.


    LuckyCrush has both free and paid versions. But the free version is very limited, especially for the boys. You only get to chat once on its free version, then you are guided to upgrade to its premium versions.

    Its premium version is a little bit expensive than the other chat rooms, but its quality is way better than the other chat rooms available in the video chatting industry.

    Free Services

    • Registration is absolutely free. 
    • You will find girls here but only once.
    • You can look at female pictures.
    • You can send text messages.
    • You can't add girls to your friend's list.

    Premium Services

    • Unlimited girls for chatting.
    • You can send text messages.
    • You can add girls and other people to your friends' list.
    • There is Auto Translation.
    • Your profile will be completely anonymous.
    • All the video transmission will be an encrypted form for providing high-level security. 


    LuckyCrush Pricing & Plans

    The LuckyCrush pricing and plans will look a little bit expensive to you but they are absolutely worth the quality of Video chatting they provide.

    There are 3 plans on this platform which are as follows:

    Lucky crush 2022 pricing plans

    Payment Options

    LuckyCrush is very flexible and provides various payment options for you:
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express
    • Visa Electron
    • Diners
    • Discover
    • Maestro
    • JCB

    Security & Privacy

    • The verification system of the LuckyCrush is very solid, they ask lots of details and require photo verification in its paid versions.
    • There are many administrators and moderators available on this platform that ensures the authenticity of the profiles and their verification, therefore there are very few chances that you will find a fake profile or a bot to chat with. 
    • Even though the security of this website is quite lethal, but you still, be careful before disclosing your personal or private information to strangers because they can misuse it especially your bank account details and your personal secrets. 
    • Adult content may be shown on this website, so keep the children away.

    Registration Process in LuckyCrush in 2024

    The registration or sign-up process on this platform is quite simple. Here are the steps that you can follow to easily register on this website.

                  Step 1: Just go to the homepage of the LuckyCrush.

                  Step 2: Click on register.

                  Step 3: Here we are signing up with email. Enter your email.

                  Step 4:  Enter your username and password.

                  Step 5: After checking all the details, click "Continue chatting".
                  Step 6: Boom! Registration completed. Now turn your webcam on and start chatting.

    LuckyCrush alternatives

    There are few alternatives to LuckyCrush which are given below:


    In a nutshell, LuckyCrush is one of the best random video dating platforms that will pair you up with hot girls with ultra-high quality and advanced video streaming technology. Most of its users are very charming and always ready to date.

    The Best features of LuckyCrush is that it is specially made for heterosexuals i.e. boys can only chat with girls and girls can only chat with boys. Instant Auto Translation feature is also available so that you can easily chat with people of any language or country.

     It also gives a few free services. But to enjoy its full features and services, you must use its premium version otherwise you will miss some of the great experiences you will ever get with beautiful girls.


    Unlike the other similar video dating websites or chat rooms, the security of this website is phenomenal and the authenticity of the profiles here is well maintained and most of the profiles here are verified.

    So here were the complete details about the LuckyCrush in the most concise form(No garbage) which you won't find anywhere on the Internet.


    How can I register on LuckyCrush?

    To Register on LuckyCrush, you just need to visit the homepage of the LuckyCrush, you can register yourself with the email. The detailed procedure is given above in this article.

    Can we chat anonymously on the LuckyCrush?

    No, you can't chat anonymously on the LuckyCrush, there is not guest user option available to chat. You have to register yourself on this platform in order to chat.

    Is LuckyCrush a legit chat room?

    Yes, LuckyCrush is 100% legal and genuine chatroom, you won't face any legal or security issues here. You can use it without any tension.

    How can I download its Android and IOS app?

    No, you can't download its Android and IOS app because LuckyCrush doesn't have the apps on play store and app store.

    Can I use LuckyCrush everywhere?

    Yes, you can use the LuckyCrush in all the 205 countries of the world. There is no country restricted from using LuckyCrush.

    What is LuckyCrush?

    LuckyCrush is a random video chatroom that helps you to chat with hot girls around the world instantly with many astonishing features that have been described above.

    How can I apply Gender filters on LuckyCrush?

    You can't apply gender filters on this platform because it is made for heterosexuals i.e. if you are a boy, you will be automatically paired with the girls and vice versa.

    Is LuckyCrush paid?

    Yes, LuckyCrush is a paid random video chat room but you can also use its free features. But you will not enjoy its full feature on its free version.

    How is the security of the LuckyCrush?

    LuckyCrush has a very well-developed security system that verifies all its users and there are very low chances that you will encounter a fake profile.

    How can I make money on LuckyCrush?

    Girls can only make money on the LuckyCrush since they are incentivized to chat. Boys can't make it on this platform.

    How accurately Luckycrush tracks your Location?

    Luckycrush has advanced features of tracking locations that' why they track you approximately accurately.   

    Does Luckycrush sell your data to third parties?

    No, as per the latest reports so far in 2024, Luckycrush doesn't sell your data to third parties. 

    Can we try Luckycrush for free?

    Yes, we can definitely try lucky crush for free. 

    Does Luckycrush have viruses?

    No, as per now,  Luckycrush does not have any virus.

    What are Luckycrush Plus Plus account?

    Luckycrush Plus Plus accounts are special premium accounts where you can get some extra phenomenal features that you can't get in normal versions. Check the official website of Luckycrush for more details for Luckycrush Plus Plus account.

    Is Luckycrush safe to use?

    Yes, as per now, Luckycrush is fully safe to use. 

    How can I make Luckycrush payment?

    You can make Luckycrush payment by various methods like paypal, credit card, debit card, net banking and through other many payment gateways. Luckycrush payments are safe and secure.

    How can I get Luckycrush Discount?

    Well, there are not discounts for Luckycrush at the moment, but check its websites continuously during festive seasons like Black Friday and more, may be you can get discounts then.

    Is LuckyCrush still legit video chatting platform in March 2024?

    Yes, Of Course. Luckycrush is one of the best legit video chatting platform in March 2024. 

    Can I get refund from Luckycrush?

    All payments for paid services on Luckycrush are subject (or not a subject) to refund according to their Refund Policy and their refund policy can be changed without prior notice, so do check refund policy every time before purchasing any product or service from Luckycrush. If you believe that the nature of the product or service is not clear enough to you, please do not purchase it and do not hesitate to contact Luckycrush before making a purchase.

    How can I get free Luckycrush username and password?

    Luckycrush usernames and passwords are not available for free, you need to buy the subscription before using Luckycrush, unless your friend shares it with you.