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Do you want to chat with someone whom you don't know?
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Are you tired of pressing the next button again and again in finding a nice guy to chat with on other chatRooms?

If So, Bazoocam will be a great place for you to find cool guys to start a chat with. Here, you will be able to kill your entire Boredom, loneliness and you will have lots of fun here with some awesome people who want you to be your friends.


The best thing about this platform is that it is totally free to start and requires no registration means you can chat anonymously if you want to hide your identity.

In this article, you will get to know all the phenomenal features of Bazoocam that will make sure that you will spend time on Bazoocam for long. Here you will know all the jaw-dropping features of Bazoocam that you won't get anywhere else.

Let's just dive in.........

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Introducing Bazoocam | Free Hack for limitless time

Bazoocam is a completely free online Chat room where you can video chat with the people randomly all over the world. It anonymously pairs you with the various people randomly. You don't have to create an account for Bazoocam mandatorily, instead, you can start chatting instantly.

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To start a chat, you just have to enter your nickname and your status like you just have to enter a few good sentences about yourself. When you will start chatting,  you can press the "next" button if you don't like chatting with the particular available person at that time.

You can also create your account on the website if you want, it will help you to add other users as your friend so that you can chat with them later if you want. Without registration, you can't add other users as your friend.

Bazoocam also provides you with various games to play while chatting. Bazoocam is available in many languages other than English i.e. Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French etc.

 Active Members
 more than 1.5 million
 Daily logins
 more than 50,000
 Free of Charge
 Premium version
 Fraud risk
 medium level
 Direct Traffic
 Area/ Region
France, International
 Account verification
 Android app
 Not Available
 IOS app
 Not Available

The interface of Bazoocam and Registration Process

Bazoocam has a very simple interface and it is very easy to use. When you will open the homepage of the Bazoocam, you will see two short screens for you and your partner and a big Start button beside this. The Chart starts instantly as soon as you click the start button.

You don't even have to choose the username to get started, you just have to give the permission for the webcam and microphone from your computer or mobile.

As far as registration is concerned, there are two ways to register on this chatting platform:
  • As a Guest
  • As a permanent member

As a Guest

 Step 1: Go to the homepage of
 Step 2: The two short screens will appear right after you click in.

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 Step 3: Click the big "start" button in front of you.
 Step 4: Give the webcam and microphone's accessing permission.
 Step 5: Boom! You can chat now.

As a Permanent User

 Step 1: Go to the homepage of "".
 Step 2: There is a little box for registration on the right side. Go there.

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 Step 3: Enter your nickname, Email Id and the password.
 Step 4: Click on the "Create my account" option. A verification link will be sent to your email account.

  Step 5: Click the verification link.
  Step 6: Boom! You are ready to chat.

  • Once you have logged in, you will get the message to grant permission to your webcam and mic.
  • After that, you will be paired with random strangers.
  • If you like the present stranger, you can talk to him. 
  • If you don't like the stranger, you can click next. 
  • You can also update your status and write about yourself there. 
  • Beside the screens, there is a chatbox. You can also send messages.
  • In order to have the best chatting experience, you have to adjust your webcam properly.
  • Adjust the light of your room with little soft or a warm light source, not dark.  
  • Sometimes, you may see obscene content, so you should straight away report it to the moderator.
  • Once the person is found guilty, he will be banned for 20 days. 

Superb Features of Bazoocam

There are some exceptional features of the Bazoocam that you must know in order to get the best experience while chatting on this website.

Games For Entertainment

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  • Yes, you read it right. There are Games available for you on the platform for your entertainment. You don't want to start a conversation with a stranger, you can even start playing a one-on-one game with him.
  • There are three games available on the Bazoomcam until now i.e. Tetris, Tic Tac Toe and 4 in a row. These games will kill your boredom when you don't want to chat with strangers but still want their company. 
  • These games involve a little bit of brain power which helps your brain to evolve more. You will be entertained after playing these games.

Simplicity of Bazoocam

Right from creating an account to chatting, Bazoocam is one of the simplest webcam-based chat room. As a guest user, you don't even have to select your gender or username, you just have to show up in front of the webcam. This simplicity is very hard to find in a chat room.
  • The navigation is super easy and simple here.
  • They also have a blog in which various helpful articles are present for you. 
  • You even don't have to fill Recaptcha every time you try to log in.
  • There are not unnecessary pages on the website to waste your time.

Inexpensive and Affordable

  • is a 100% free online chat room. Here you don't need to pay a single penny to use any of its services. 
  • You also don't have to pay for playing games here.
  • There are no hidden premium plans or cost. 
  • Ever since the website has been launched, it is free and it is likely to be free forever.

Audience Quality

  • People from all over the world use the services of Bazoocam. Most of the people are from France, Italy, Algeria, Spain, Belgium, USA, UK and India. 
  • France covers most of the traffic here i.e. 24.84%. The second most Bazoocam using country is Italy i.e. 10.18% and Algeria covers 9.99% traffic on this website.
  • The minimum age requirement on this website is 18 years.
  • The number of Male users is more than that of the number of Female users. 
  • Most of the people looking for casual dating. They always try to make good relations with other users on this website. 

Safety and Inappropriate content

  • Since this website does not collect so many details from its users, therefore there are so many fake profiles here and there are lots of scammers here.
  • Since there is not any age and identity verification here so that many people below 18 years often join this website. 
  • Many people often show their private parts or obscene content on this website, so it is not advised for people less than 18 years to visit your website and it is definitely not for kids. 
  • Since there are all strangers on Bazoocam, therefore you should not share your personal and private details otherwise your information can be misused in future by these strangers. 
  • There are 40 moderators or administrators on this website, if you feel someone is not behaving well or showing inappropriate content, you should immediately complain to the moderators that will ban the suspected person for at least 20 days.

9 Bazoocam alternatives

There are few alternatives to Bazoocam which are given below:


In a nutshell, Bazoocam is an interesting webcam-based online chatroom where you will find different people across various countries. The website requires no registration to get started and it is completely free. It has some very cool features like playing games that make the chatting experience better.

You can find new friends here and you can also find people for casual dating. It is a decent platform to share your feeling with the strangers and to kill your boredom and your loneliness.

There are enough moderators and administrators available on this site to ensure safety but you should also be careful before disclosing your personal and private information in front of strangers otherwise you many face problems in future. 

So here were the complete details about each and every feature of the Bazoocam that will help you to improve your chatting experience on the platform.


How can I download the Bazoocam app?

No. Bazoocam doesn't have an android or an IOS app.

Is Bazoocam a premium service?

No, Bazoocam is a 100% free service. There are not any hidden costs.

Are there any girls on Bazoocam?

Yes, Girls also use Bazoocam but they are less than the Male users.

How can I customize the chat interface?

No, you can't customize the chat interface on this platform. You have to be satisfied with the ongoing features of the interface.

Do I need to register in order to chat on Bazoocam?

No, you can start chatting as a guest user anonymously and many people do so.

Do people still use Bazoocam?

Yes, there are more than 50,000 log-ins daily.

How do I enable webcam and mic on Bazoocam?

When you open the homepage of the site, You will be automatically asked to give permission to enable webcam and mic. Just grant that permission.

Can I send images on Bazoocam?

No, Images can't be sent on this platform and you also can't send links here.

How can I change my location on Bazoocam?

No, you can't change your location on Bazoocam. The geolocalization algorithm of this platform pairs you with people that live close to you.

How can I make a private chat?

All chats available on Bazoocam are private only, there is no group chat option available.