Unlock each and every exciting exclusive feature of Chatib. It is one of the best free chat rooms available in the industry that helps you to chat with new friends(strangers). It is the only chat room on which you can play games also and this platform also lets you make your own chat room which is the most exclusive feature of this chatroom.

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Sometimes, you feel like chatting with someone you don't know to share your feelings that can't be shared with the people you know them or you hesitate to share with them. Sometimes, you also want to talk openly, funny and approach for a date which is easier to talk with a stranger.

Chatib - Free chat room

Do you want a platform that lets you do all the above-mentioned things? If Yes, Chatib is one of the best online chatting platforms where you can freely chat seamlessly with anyone without any hesitation, restriction or without being judged. This chat room is full of entertainment too because of the availability of awesome people all the time and you can play games also.

Every new platform has different features which are tough to understand at the first go. But don't worry, after reading this article, you will know all the fine details of Chatib that will help you to make the most out of this astonishing chatting platform. You won't have any query about Chatib after going through this article.

So get ready to know all the exciting and astonishing features of the Chatib that you won't find anywhere.

Let's just dive in.....

Introducing Chatib | Chat without Sign-up

chatib home page
Image Credit: Chatib.us

Chatib is a free online chatting platform cum dating platform which helps you to connect with distinct individuals all around the world which seek relationships and fun. You can talk to people, create bonds and do many more things with the help of this platform without any registration.

This platform provides you with both the chatting options i.e. Group chat and private chat. It also has various chat rooms based on different topics or agendas where you can give your opinions. You can also send pictures, emojis, links etc. It has a very attractive and interactive platform to use.

Image credits: Chatib.us

One of the most exclusive features of this platform is that you can create your own chat room too and manage it. You can define your own rules for your created chat room. There is also a random chat option on this website where you will be presented random users to chat with.

You can also sort out the users on the basis of their gender, age or country with the help of a search tab. You have to take care of your language while chatting otherwise you may get banned and make sure that you are active continuously, otherwise you will be disconnected automatically and you have to log in again from the beginning.

There is not an android and IOS app available for you but the website is totally compatible with mobile and tablets, so you can definitely use this website on your mobile without any problem.

 Active Members
 more than 2 million
 Daily logins
 more than 70,000
Totally Free
 Premium version
 Fraud risk
 medium level
 Direct Traffic
 Area/ Region
 USA, International
 Account verification
 Android app
 Not Available
 IOS app
 Not Available

Astonishing Features of Chatib

Chatib has many exceptional qualities that you will definitely love. This website is for anyone who likes to meet new people and only 18+ people can join this website. There are 100s and 1000s of men and women waiting here to find their new buddies all the time.

Private Chat

When you land on the homepage of the site, right after logging in, you will see a list of people on the left side. This list contains users of various countries that are very friendly and always looking to find new guys to chat with. You can easily privately chat with any one of these people.

Image credits: chatib.us

  • It's very easy & simple to chat privately. 
  • Click on the person of the list with whom you wanna chat. 
  • After clicking, the message window will open for you. 
  • You can send any message whether it is emoji, picture or any link. 
  • The Chat history option is also available for you. 
  • You can also mark users as favourites and they will be saved as your favourites in the list.
  • You can also search a specific person, gender or country through the dedicated search tab. 
  • You can also block any person or report spam to the administrator or moderator.
  • You can also make changes to your profile.

Chat Rooms or Group Chat

There are various chat rooms or groups available for you. Each group has its own different theme, interests or topics for the people who have different mindsets. Each group contains 100s of active members all the time.

Image credits: chatib.us

  • Click on the "Chat rooms" at the top right corner. A list of chat rooms will open.
  • Choose any chat room or group in which you are interested.
  • Once you click the chatroom, the chat window opens. 
  • You can send anything like texts, images, links, emojis etc. 
  • There is a list beside the chat window containing active members of the group at that time.
  • You can also start a private chat with any person from that list. 
  • You can always report to administrators if you find something offensive or inappropriate. 
  • Offensive language is prohibited.
Since anyone can create a room here, therefore there are various groups in the Chatib like Singles chat room, dating chat room, 50+ chat room, Mobile chat room, Religion chat room, college chat room, Music chat room, Politics chat room, Philosophy chat room, Sports chat room etc. Some of which are mentioned below:

Singles Chat Room

This is one of the most popular and active chat room available on this platform. Many people are active online in this group for most of the time. There are lots of single men or women available here who seek new friends or buddies to chat around with. They also try to find their soulmates here.

Dating Chat Room

This group is full of the people who are interested in dating. It is advised to stay careful in this room because there are lots of fake profiles. There are so many boys who pretend to be girls and make fun with the other boys.

50+ Chat Room

This group is dedicated to the people who are above 50 years. Many people get confused that 50+ means that there are more than 50 people online but it is not true, 50+ denotes the ages of the people. This is also a very exclusive group that is not available in other popular chat rooms.

Religion Chat Room

This chat room is based on different religions like Christians, Hinduism etc. Since anyone can create a group on Chatib, so there are many different religious groups here.

Music Chat room

People talk about different kinds of music, musicians, bands, concerts, singers, albums etc. People also share links of different songs here as well. If you are a Music Enthusiast, this group is definitely for you.

Games Rooms

This is the most astonishing feature of Chatib that differentiates it from the other chat rooms. There are various interesting games available for you like Gummy Blocks, Tic Tac Toe, Master Checkers, Katana Fruits, Apples and Reversi.

Image credits: Chatib.us

These games are not only interesting but also helps you to develop your mind. There are 100s of people available online to play games here.

  • Click on the "games" on the top right corner of the homepage. 
  • Click on any game from the list that you want to play. 
  • You can also chat while playing a game with the users. 
  • There is a list of people given on the left that are playing games.
  • You can start a private chat with any person from the list also.

Create & Manage Chat Rooms

One of the most sensational features that you won't find in any other popular chat rooms like Chatiw, Chat avenue, Chatzy etc. is that you can create your own chat room on the Chatib. That chat room will be managed and regulated by you.

Image credits: Chatib.us

  • It is very easy to create your personal chat room on the Chatib. 
  • Click on the "chat rooms" on the top right corner.
  • Now click on the "create chat room" on the list.
  • Now, add a name of the chat room and add a URL on of the website on which you will host that chatroom.
  • Hit the "add button". You are done, your chat room is created. 
  • Now you can invite other members to join this chat room.
  • You can easily add or remove any member of your chatroom.

Simplicity of Chatib

The interface of the Chaib is quite simple and very easy to understand. The registration process is not required at all, you can simply login anonymously as a guest user. The login process for a guest user is very easy. You just need to fill some basic details and fill the ReCaptcha, You are logged in.

  • The navigation of the website is pretty simple. There is a blue navigation bar at the top containing different sections each containing drop-down lists. 
  • The font selection of the website has been chosen wisely. The colours like Light pink, blue and green adds visual appeal to the website. It gives the fantastic look to the website and it is appealing to your eyes.
  • Starting a chat with different users is very easy. It takes only 3 clicks to start a chat with a user.  
  • You can easily change your preferences, profile pictures, password etc. You can also purchase credits but they are not so useful.

Inexpensive and Affordable

  • Chatib is an absolutely free online chatroom. Each and every feature of this chatroom is completely free and there is not any hidden cost as well. All the services like messaging, creating rooms, managing rooms, private chatting, group chatting, joining groups etc. are totally free.
  • Unlike the other chat rooms like chat avenue, Bazoocam, Chatiw etc. having VIP or premium memberships, Chatib does not have any VIP or premium membership programme.
  • You must have faced regular premium or VIP Updration appeals from the other Chat rooms but you won't face those appeals here. 

Audience Quality

  • Chatib is an open online chatting platform for all. Therefore, people of many countries use this platform to chat with. The major Chatib using countries are USA, India, UK, Australia, Indonesia, Canada etc. 
  • The USA covers most of the traffic of this website i.e. 35.51%. The second most Chatib using country is India i.e. 16.69% and the UK covers 5% traffic on this website.
  • The age group of people varies from 18 years to 60+ years. The minimum age required for registration is 18 years. 
  • There are more than 200 chat rooms available here and 100s of people always stay online in each of these groups.
  • The people are very friendly and engaging here and they always seek to make contacts with the others. Making new friends is very easy here.
  • You can also find singles to date here who are always ready to be with you. 
  • This platform is not exclusively a dating platform, you can also make discussions about various fields here like politics, Music, Sports, Mobiles, Technologies, Games etc. 
  • You will also find some fake profiles since it is very easy to chat anonymously. So Be cautious in starting a chat with any stranger.
  • Since sending links is allowed here, so people shamelessly promote their products, websites or any other services. So sometimes the chat box looks spammy.

Safety and Privacy

  • Since it is completely free to join this platform and there is no identity verification, therefore so many people make fake profiles here and try to cheat the other users. It is very difficult to know who is the real person behind the profile.
  • People often create new accounts by opening various tabs in their privacy mode. Therefore, you have to stay cautious and attentive always.
  • Always try to hide your personal details like phone numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, IDs etc. It is not safe to disclose these details on this platform. 
  • Don't try to click every link in the chat room. If the particular link looks spammy to you, don't click on that. 
  • Since the minimum age of registration is 18 years, but there is no verification process of the age, therefore there will be many people who are less than 18 years visiting the website daily. 

The interface of Chatib and Registration Process

The registration process on this platform is very simple. There are two ways to register yourself on this website i.e. guest user and permanent member.

As a guest user

    Step 1: Just go to the homepage of Chatib.us.
    Image credits: Chatib.us
    Step 2: Enter your username, real age, gender, country and select the state.
    Step 3: Tick the Recaptcha button(I am not a robot), hit "start now".  
    Step 4: Boom! You are ready to chat.

As a permanent user

    Step 1: Just go to the homepage of chatib.us website.
Image credits: chatib.us
              Step 2: Click on the register. Enter your username, gender, age, country, city.
              Step 3: Enter your email and password and  Tick the Recaptcha button(I am not a robot).
              Step 4: Click on "register now". Now a verification link will be sent to your email account.

              Step 4: Open your email inbox and click the verification link.           
              Step 5: Boom! Registration completed. Now you can start chatting.

9 Chatib alternatives

There are few alternatives to Chatib which are given below:


In a nutshell, Chatib is a very handy website to chat online and to chill out. You can even find casual dates here, but if you think you will find a serious person to be in relationship, you may be wrong. It is a great website to start a conversation without any registration which is okay for a person who feels lonely. 

The most notable feature of this website is that you can create and manage your own chat room which makes Chatib different from other chatrooms. You can also find various chatrooms for the discussions and you will also find various games to play. 

As far as the security of the website is concerned, it is on the medium-lower level because there is not an identity verification process due to which many people create fake accounts and try to cheat other innocent people. So always stay cautious before believing any stranger and always prevent yourself from sharing any personal or private information with the strangers. Whenever you feel some inappropriate, you should straight away report the administrators or moderators. 

In the end, We will say that Chatib is a nice online chat room and you should definitely visit this website carefully. So this was the complete description of the Chatib Chat room that you won't find anywhere on the web. 


Is compulsory to register on Chatib for chatting?

No, you can also log in as a guest user. You don't need to register mandatorily.

What is the minimum age requirement on Chatib?

The minimum age requirement for Chatib is 18 years. There is not a maximum age requirement on this website.

Can we get banned on this website?

Yes, you can definitely get banned on this website if you use offensive or inappropriate language, send spammy links again and again, talk vulgar etc.

Is Chatib a premium service?

No, Chatib is a completely free service. There are no membership plans for that. All the features and services of this website are free.

Can we chat anonymously on Chatib?

Yes, you can definitely chat anonymously on the Chatib and this is the most significant feature of this platform.

What are the things that are prohibited on this site?

The sending of nude photographs and offensive languages is prohibited.

Is Chatib safe to use?

Yes, Chatib is safe to use but you have to pay proper attention to each step since there are so many fake accounts or profiles formed here.

How can I send a message on Chatib privately?

Just click on the user's profile whom you want to send a message privately. The chat window will open, type your message and click send.

Can I block users on Chatib?

Yes, you can definitely block the people that seem inappropriate to you.

How can I contact the Chatib customer service?

If you have any issue, you may send an email at [email protected].