Chat Now on the ChatAlternative with its great exciting features for free. This platform provides you with a nice video chatting interface to chat with random people from all the countries of the world.  You can just start chatting instantly within few clicks on this platform.

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Do you want to talk with hot unknown people?
Do you want to find cool guys to have some fun with?
Are you tired of pressing the next button again and again in finding a charismatic girl to chat with on other chatRooms?


With the ChatAlternative, you can remove all your boredom, find new friends, find many charismatic girls/boys to date with, find companions to remove your loneliness and find some intellectual minded people to have a great discussion on certain topics.

As compared to other chatting platforms, you can get a fair better video quality and audience quality here on ChatAlternative. It provides a very good interface and gives a very good and smooth chatting experience.

In this page, you will get to know all the astonishing features of ChatAlternative. After knowing these features, you will make most of this free chatting platform.

Let's just dive in......

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ChatAlternative homepage

ChatAlternative is one of the most popular random video chat rooms where you can find people from various countries to chat with. It is one hundred per cent free chatting platform. You don't even need to do a sign-up or registration to get started on this website. You can chat anonymously as a guest user at any time.

Chat Alternative has the greatest community among random cam chat sites. Hundreds of thousands of guys and girls looking to get acquainted are here and ready for video chatting with strangers like you.

It is a webcam-based chat room which is especially known to provide virtual dating opportunities for everyone, especially for youngsters. It pairs you up with a random person and you can change that person for unlimited times. Since it is a webcam-based website, so you need to give it permission to access your camera and mic from your device.

ChatAlternative Logo

On the ChatAlternative, you can make a chat in all three forms i.e. Text, audio and video simultaneously. You can also apply location filters for free. This website is just similar to Bazoocam and Chatroulette.

This website doesn't ask you for certain details like username, password, age etc. You just need to click a single button to get started on the website.

Android and IOS apps of Chatalternative are also available for you if you want to chat on mobile phones. You can easily download these apps from the Google play store and Apple AppStore or you can download from this page on our website as well.

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 Free of Charge
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 Direct Traffic
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Georgia, International
 Account verification
Facebook, VK
 Android app
 IOS app

The interface of ChatAlternative and Registration Process

The interface of the ChatAlternative is very simple and plain. It consists of two screens, one for you and the other for your partner. Below the screen, there are four buttons for starting the chat, stopping the chat, choosing your location and gender.

Besides these buttons, there is a chat window which you can use to send text messages while video chatting with your partner. If you only want to text chat with the person, you have to turn off the camera and the mic of your device.

Registration on ChatAlternative

You can easily register on the ChatAlternative by a few following steps:

Step1: Go to the homepage of
Step2: You can also start chatting as a guest user anonymously.
Step3: If you don't want to chat as a guest user, you should sign up from your Facebook or VK account.

Step 4: Click on the option on the dialog box "Grant access to camera and microphone".
Step 5: Boom! You are in to chat.

  • Once you have logged in, you will get the message to grant permission to your webcam and mic.
  • After that, you will be paired with random strangers.
  • If you like the present stranger, you can talk to him. 
  • If you don't like the stranger, you can click next. 
  • There is a stop button below the screens. Press this button if you want to stop the chat.
  • You can choose the country from which you want the people to chat with.
  • Below the screens, there is a chatbox. You can also send messages.
  • In order to have the best chatting experience, you have to adjust your webcam properly.
  • Adjust the light of your room with little soft or a warm light source, not dark.  
  • Sometimes, you may see obscene content, so you should straight away report it to the moderator.

Interesting Features of ChatAlternative

 ChatAlternative has lots of phenomenal features that make this chat room stand out from the other similar chatting rooms:

Simplicity of ChatAlternative

  • ChatAlternative has one of the simplest interfaces among all the other similar chat rooms. There is not a single complexity that you will face while chatting on this platform. Right from the sign up to the chatting, everything is very simple on this website.
  • The navigation is very simple and smooth. Chatalternative is absolutely straightforward to use. You need nothing but one Start button click to say ‘hello’ to a cool guy or a pretty girl from anywhere in the world.
  • The colour combination of the homepage and font selection looks appealing. The logo consists of blue and silvery-grey colours which looks professional.  
  • They don't disturb you with any ads or banners popping up over everything while you are using your webcam for video chat or type your text messages.

Inexpensive and Affordable

  • is an absolutely free random video chatroom. Here you don't need to pay a single dollar to use any of its services. 
  • The Location filter is also free here which is not free on the other chat rooms.
  • There are no hidden premium plans or cost. 
  • Ever since the website has been launched, it is free and it is likely to be free forever.

Audience Quality

  • ChatAlternative is used in almost all countries. Most of the people here are from Georgia, Hungary, USA, UK, Germany and India. 
  • Georgia covers most of the traffic here i.e. 26.92%. The second most Chatalternative using country is Hungary i.e. 9.02% and the USA covers8.83% traffic on this website.
  • Chat Alternative allows you to choose a country of your preference for online dating. Just enter the chat and choose whom you’d like to meet today. A pretty American girl? A hot Brazilian guy? Everything is possible in Chat Alternative! 
  • The minimum age requirement on this website is 18 years.
  • The number of Male users is more than that of the number of Female users. 
  • Most of the people looking for casual dating. They always try to make fun with the other users on this website. 

Safety and Inappropriate content

  • Since this website does not collect so many details from its users, therefore there are so many fake profiles here and there are lots of scammers here.
  • Since there is not any age and identity verification here so that many people below 18 years often join this website. 
  • Many people often show their private parts or obscene content on this website, so it is not advised for people less than 18 years to visit your website and it is definitely not for kids. 
  • Since there are all strangers on ChatAlternative, therefore you should not share your personal and private details otherwise your information can be misused in future by these strangers. 
  • Chatalternative suggests that users attach an image of the accused offender to their complaints, which is sometimes difficult to accomplish, especially if the rule-breaker in question is hiding their face. In order for a ban to even take place, rule breakers have to have multiple complaints filed against them.

Mobile Apps for ChatAlternative

The android and IOS apps can be downloaded by the links given below. Just click the buttons to download the app for free.

Android app

IOS app

9 ChatAlternative alternatives

There are few alternatives to ChatAlternative which are given below:


In a nutshell, ChatAlternative is a completely free random video chat room that requires no signup or registration to start chatting. This website is used in many countries so that you will be able to chat with a large variety of people across the globe.

The ChatAlternative is a very good website for a virtual dating or casual dating. Especially youngsters only use this platform to find an opposite-gender partner to have some fun and to remove boredom. 

You will definitely find ChatAlternative a decent website but only when you are 18+ and not offended by inappropriate or obscene content. You may find someone to chat but most of the people will show inappropriate content.

There are enough moderators and administrators available on this site to ensure safety but you should also be careful before disclosing your personal and private information in front of strangers otherwise you many face problems in future. 

So here were the complete details about each and every feature of the ChatAlternative that will help you to improve your chatting experience on the platform. This detailed explanation of ChatAlternative isn't found anywhere on the web.


Can I download the ChatAlternative app?

Yes, you can download any of the android or IOS app of Chatalternative on your smartphone. The app version works as good as the web version.

Is ChatAlternative a premium service?

No, ChatAlternative is a 100% free service. There are not any hidden price plans.

Are there more girls on ChatAlternative than Boys?

No, Girls are less than the Male users on this platform.

How can I make a private chat on ChatAlternative?

Every chat is done here is 1 on  1 that means every chat made here is private.

Do I need to register in order to chat on ChatAlternative?

No, you can start chatting as a guest user anonymously without registering on the platform.

How can I use Gender filters on ChatAlternative?

No, you can't use gender filters on ChatAlternative.

How do I enable webcam and mic on ChatAlternative?

When you open the homepage of the site, You will be automatically asked to give permission to enable webcam and mic. Just grant that permission.

Can I send images on ChatAlternative?

No, Images can't be sent on this platform and you also can't send links here.

Can we access ChatAlternative on Tablet

Yes, you can definitely access ChatAlternative on the Tablets.

Is this website legal?

Yes, ChatAlternative is a completely legal website till now, you won't face any legal issues but do read the policies of your country on using these types of websites.