Get all the jaw-dropping features of Chatroulette. It is one of the oldest Free Webcam based platforms which pairs random users across the various countries. You can start an online chat in both Video and audio form. This chat room is exclusively for those who want to have some fun online with random strangers.

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Do you also want to be paired with a like-minded random people? If Yes, Chatroulette is good place to do so. This platform instantly provides so many users to be paired with. If you don't like the person, you can click next and there are no limits, you can get paired with as many people as you want and for free.


Sometimes, you don't feel well and want to talk but there is no one around you, so you need a companion to do so. Chatroulette never disappoint you, it will provide you with many companions to get rid of your boredom and loneliness.

And the most important thing, if you are looking for someone to date, this platform can definitely help you to provide some awesome people to date with.

In this article, you will get the every minute detail about this platform that you won't get that much information at a single place anywhere.

Let's know some of the amazing features of Chatroulette. Let's dive in...

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Chatroulette home page
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Chatroulette is basically a free online chat room(video chat room) website that can help to establish video chats with random strangers all around the world. This website is intensely addictive because it is designed in such a way that you will want more and more people to talk with once you started chatting. You will spend a lot of time on this platform without even noticing it.

A few years ago, Text chat facility was also available on this website but now you can only chat in audio and video form. You have to give access to this website to use the mic and camera of your laptop or mobile. The best thing about this website is that you don't need to register or sign up to use it. You can instantly join chat after when the facial recognition is completed by the Chatroulette.

This website is for those people who want to remove their loneliness, want to find casual dates and to have some fun online. But some explicit or inappropriate content may also be shown on the website, so use it carefully if you don't have any problem with such content.

Chatroulette Logo
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By the way, a 17-year-old high school student, Andrey Ternovskiy created this website in the year 2009. After that, this website became so much popular. The popularity of this website was at its peak in the 2010s when you could find more than 30,000 people online at any instant. After that, many such websites came and the competition for this platform increased. In the 2010s, the monthly traffic of this website was around 30 million regularly.

This website was also featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, New York magazine, and on Good Morning America, Newsnight in the United Kingdom, Tosh.0 and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. This website also became a popular platform for promoting products, services and films. Many celebrities also came here to promote their films and shows.

There is no android and IOS app available for this website but you can access this website by your mobile or tablet.

Active Members
more than 1.7 million
Daily logins
more than 50,000
Totally Free
mostly English
Andrey Ternovskiy
Launched Date
November 16, 2009
Premium version
Fraud risk
medium level
Direct Traffic
Area/ Region
USA, International
Account verification
Android app
Not Available
IOS app
Not Available

The interface of Chatroulette and Registration Process

The interface of the Chatroulette is very simple, plain and easy to understand. There is nothing on the homepage of the website except two screens for you and your chatting partner. There is no registration process required to chat. You just have to click a few times to get started.

You don't even have to choose your username, you just have to show up to get started. Make sure the quality of your camera and mic is good so that you can get a good experience while chatting. 

So here are the steps that you need to follow in order to start chatting:

Step 1: Go to the homepage of ""
Step 2: The two small screens will appear right after you click in.

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Step 3: Select your gender, chat type and Blur partner.
Step 4: Click on the green button "Grant access to camera and microphone".
Step 5: Boom! You are in to chat.

  • After logging in,  facial recognition will take place.
  • After that, you will be paired with random strangers one by one.
  • If you like the person showing on the screen, you can start chatting.
  • If you don't like the person, click next. 
  • Since there is no text chat available, therefore you can't share any image, emoji, videos or links.
  • You can talk to infinite number of people since there is no usage limit and it is 100% free. 
  • In order to have the best chatting experience, you have to adjust your webcam properly.
  • Adjust the light of your room with little soft or a warm light source, not dark.
  • Sometimes, you may see obscene content, so you should straight away report it to the moderator.
  • This website is for 18+ users, so don't let the kids open this website. 

 Features of Chatroulette

After the site was launched, it became a phenomenon among youngsters, so let's just look at some of its features:

Simplicity of Chatroulette

There is no other webcam based site which is as simple as Chatroulette. Right from signing up to chatting, it is the easiest to use. To register on this website, you don't even have to enter your username. Which website is as simpler as this where you don't even have to enter your username?

  • There are no login Ids, passwords, profile pictures to manage or remember. 
  • The navigation of this website is super easy and simple. 
  • It doesn't have unnecessary content to its homepage that other websites have. 
  • There is only a "Rules and Information" section available at the top where you can read all the rules and regulations of this website. 
  • There is no Recaptcha to fill.

Inexpensive and Affordable

  • The Chatroulette is a 100% free website and there are not any hidden VIP or premium memberships. Each and every feature of this website is completely free. 
  • You must have faced regular premium or VIP Updration appeals from the other Chat rooms but you won't face those appeals here.  
  • This website is completely free from the time when it was launched and it is likely to be free forever. 

Audience Quality

  •  Chatroulette accepts people from all over the world. Most of the people on this website are from the USA, Germany, Italy, France and Brazil.
  • The USA covers most of the traffic of this website i.e. 18.86%. The second most Chatroulette using country is Germany i.e. 6.69% and Italy covers 4.95% traffic on this website.
  • The age group of people varies from 18 years to 60+ years. The minimum age required for registration is 18 years.  
  • Most of the users of this website are male. Male users are more than 90% and the female users are between 5 -10%.  
  • Most of the people here are friendly but they take only 1 second to decide whether they will talk to you or not. If not, they will click the "next" button. 
  • Most of the people here looking for casual dating, so if you want to discuss some serious or sensible matter, you are in the wrong place. 
  • Many people show obscene content which is not good for people less than 18 years of age. 

Safety and Inappropriate content

  • Since this website is totally free and no registration requires at all, therefore there are lots of scammers on this website which can harm you. The security level of this website is not that advanced to handle such things.
  • Always try to hide your personal details like phone numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, IDs etc. It is not safe to disclose these details on this platform. 
  • Since the minimum age of registration is 18 years, but there is no verification process of the age, therefore there will be many people who are less than 18 years visiting the website daily.  
  • This website is no longer a good platform for sensible or serious chatting, many people just come here to show inappropriate and obscene things. Every 1 in 8 guys behaves like this. 
  • The problem that led to the downfall of this website was the broadcast of so much nudity. Every other guy exposes his private parts here. 
  • Due to such an offensive, obscene or inappropriate content, this website is strictly prohibited for the kids.

9 Chatroulette alternatives

There are few alternatives to Chatroulette which are given below:


In a nutshell, Chatroulette is a decent website to spend some time on but only when you are 18+ and not offended by inappropriate or obscene content. You may find someone to chat but most of the people will show inappropriate content. As far as the smoothness of the website is concerned, it has good loading speed and smooth live streaming. 

The security of the website is not up to the mark so stay attentive while chatting with the strangers. If you show your personal details, they are not safe here. Don't ever try to show your private parts on this website that other people do because someone can record the screen and blackmail you after some time. 

In the end, We only suggest that use this website carefully otherwise you may get offended emotionally. So this was the complete description of the Chatroulette which you can't find anywhere at a single place.

FAQ Section

What is the minimum age for registration on Chatroulette?

The minimum age for registration on Chatroulette is 18 years. People younger than 18 years are strictly prohibited. 

Who is the creator and owner of Chatroulette?

Andrey Ternovskiy is both creator and owner of Chatroulette.

Do girls use Chatroulette?

Yes, Girls use Chatroulette but the female users are very less i.e. between 5 - 10%. While the rest of the users are Boys, Transgenders, Gays, Lesbians etc.

Do people still use Chatroulette?

Yes, even though, the popularity of this website decreased a lot but still more than 50,000 people daily visit this site.

How can I make a private chat on Chatroulette?

Every chat made on this platform is private since there is no option for group chat.

How do I enable webcam and mic on Chatroulette?

When you open the homepage of the site, there is a green button "Grant access to camera and microphone". Click this button to enable the camera and mic.

Can I use gender filters on Chatroulette?

No, you can't use gender filters on this website. There is not an option of any filter on this website.

Is Chatroulette a premium service?

No, Chatroulette is a 100% free service. There are not any hidden costs.

How can I download the Chatroulette app?

You can't download the app of this website since Chatroulette is not available on play store and AppStore.

Can we access Chatroulette on Tablet?

Yes sure, you definitely can.