Explore all the Free and Jaw-dropping  Exclusive features of Chatiw. Chatiw is an absolutely free Online Chat room to chat with random people or strangers across the world. This platform provides you with both options of chatting i.e. Text and Video. But, it has the best video chatting free service that you won't find anywhere.

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People fear of expressing their feelings with someone whom they know because of being judged or sounding rude. Therefore, they always like to chat or ask for a date with people whom they don't know.


Do you also feel like to chat with random people without being judged or to freely asking them date? You are at the right place. Chatiw is one of the most awesome Chat room that will provide you with some awesome people with whom you can chat seamlessly.

It's a little bit tough to understand the interface for any website on its first visit. So, we'll definitely help you to know all the exceptional and jaw-dropping features of the Chatiw. After reading this article, We make sure that you won't have any questions about Chatiw and if you do have some questions, You can mail us to know the related queries about Chatiw.

In this article, you will find all the exciting features of Chatiw that you won't find it anywhere in one place. So Enjoy reading the article.

Let's just dive in.....

Introducing Chatiw | Meet, Chat & Date

Image Credits: Chatiw.com

Chatiw is basically an online chat room which allows you to make contact with the random people or strangers around the world, also helps you to make new friends and you can make good time by chatting with them. Chatiw is also a phenomenal website to find your partner or soulmate and help you to make relationships quickly with single men and women.

Image credits: Chatiw.com

The interface of this website is very easy to understand and you also don't need to mandatory register to chat, you can chat as a guest user too. This website is also available in many languages along with English i.e. Spanish, German, French, Italian etc. The majority of the people on Chatiw is from UK, USA, Germany, India, Algeria, Canada, Australia etc. The USA has the most number of users on this website.

Chatiw has the option of Chat history also, unlike the other popular chat rooms, which helps you to cherish the memories of the previous chats. This website also allows you to send emojis, gifs, images etc. This platform is also available on android.

 Active Members
 more than 2.5  million
 Daily logins
 more than 80,000
 Free of Charge
 Premium version
 VIP Membership
 Fraud risk
 medium level
 Direct Traffic
 Area/ Region
 USA, International
 Account verification
 Android app
 IOS app
 Not Available

Sensational Features of Chatiw

Chatiw has so many mind-blowing features which will persuade you to join it right now. This website has been there around since 2009 and its popularity has increased since its debut and it is increasing right now as well.

Types of Chat room

There are basically two types of chat room here:
  • Text Chat room
  • Video Chat room
There are 100s and 1000s of people always available online to start a chat with. The Chatiw suggests people according to your location and the details you filled while signing up for the profile. Let's just know some of the best features of these chat rooms.

Text Chat room

When you visit the site, the text chat room opens automatically just after the signup. There is a list given on the left side which contains people across many countries that are online. The priority of the list is made according to the geographical region you chose in the time of signing up. Most of the users present here are very friendly.

Image credits: Chatiw.com

  • Just click on the person from the list with whom you want to chat.
  • You can send limited messages as a guest user. For sending more messages, you have to sign up through the email.
  • You can send images, emojis and much more. 
  • The Chat history of the recent chats is also available here.
  • If you think the person is inappropriate, you can block him anytime.
  • You can also check the list of blocked users anytime.
  • You can also report to the administrators or moderators if you find difficulties.  
  • You can also make changes to the profile.

 Video Chat room

The most phenomenal and most popular feature of this website is the video chat room or Video cam. Chatiw randomly shows people from various countries for you on the Video chat room. Chatiw has one of the best and smooth Video chatting services across all the free chat rooms available in the industry.

Image credits: Chatiw.com

  • Just click on the "Try video chat option" which is at the top of the Text chat room page. You will be redirected to the new tab.
  • Tap on the "start searching" option and allow the permission of Camera and audio/mic from your device.
  • Chatiw will start showing some random awesome people. 
  • You can chat with the person right at your screen, if you want a new person, just click on next.
  • You can also text chat with them.
  • Video chat service is very smooth.
  • If someone is doing inappropriate things, you can report them. 
  • As a guest user, you can only chat with a limited number of people, after that you have to wait for some hours to again start searching people on the video chat. 
  • You can also add people to your friends' list but in premium or VIP membership.

Chatiw: Being Simple to Understand

Chatiw has one of the simplest interfaces in the chat room industry. Right from registering to sending messages or video chatting, everything is very simple to apply. You don't need to even register for chatting, you can easily chat with people anonymously using the guest feature.

  • The registration process on this platform is very easy and fast and just takes a single click, you just need to fill your name, age, country, gender and state. Then just click register, you are through to the registration process.
  • To make things simpler, Chatiw has provided a blog in which there are so many helpful quality articles to enhance your chatting skills and to impress other people with your chatting skills. In short, this blog provides lethal dating and good relationship making tips. 
  • The safety tips are always given on the safety page. In this page, you will be taught how to deal with scammers if you found some while chatting.  
  • The navigation of the website is also very simple. It is very quick to move around between private chat and the chat room. 

Inexpensive and Affordable

It takes as much money to chat on Chatiw as you need to walk on the road. Don't overthink. It is completely free to start chatting on this platform. Both the text chat and video chat services are absolutely free to use but there is a premium version also available for those who want to chat restriction free.

 Free membership

The free membership of the Chatiw provides great features. With the free version, you can send text messages to as many people as you want but in a limited way. You can also send images, emojis for free via Chatiw. In brief, you will get the following services for free:
  • Can join the private chat. (but can't send messages in Video chat)
  • Can search for other members or users of this platform. 
  • Can complete and edit your profile anytime. 
  • You can block any user whom you find doing inappropriate things. 
  • You can also check the chat history.

VIP or Premium membership

The VIP membership of the Chatiw has so many advanced features which you won't find in the free membership plan. Here is the list of the exceptional features of the VIP membership plan has been given below:
    • You will get the VIP support from moderators and administrators. 
    • You will get an Ad-free environment. 
    • There will be no Recaptcha to fill on every login.
    • Can get the reserved nickname.
    • You can send unlimited private messages and can send unlimited images.
    • You can send links and numbers to others.
    • You will get a VIP Badge.
    • Will get Ban priority. 
    • Can chat on Video cam continuously while there is a limit in free membership.

       VIP Membership Plans

      There are basically four types of VIP membership plans which you buy to enjoy the extra sensational features of the Chatiw. The plans and their information is given below in the table:

       Subscription Plan
       1 month
       6 months
       12 months

      Payment Option

      There are various payment options available like Debit cards, Credit cards etc. but the most popular payment option of the Chatiw platform is Paypal. Most of the premium members of Chatiw website pay with Paypal.

      Audience Quality on Chatiw

      • The typical audience of Chatiw is very friendly and the people always try to make new friends, make relationships and to find their soulmates. 
      • The audience composition of the Chatiw has a good mixture of young people and the middle-aged people. Most of the people on Chatiw fall in the range of 16 - 35 years. So we can say that most of the people are young here. There is a very less percentage of Old people. Male users are approx. 70% and female users are approx. 30%.
      • Most of the People are from USA, UK, India, Canada, Australia and Algeria. Hence, the big portion of the audience is English speaking. The website is also available in various European languages like German, French, Italian etc. 
      • Since it is very easy to chat anonymously on the website, therefore there are lots of spammy and fake accounts on Chatiw. So it is advised for the users to be responsible while chatting and to not share their personal details.

      Safety and Privacy

      Although there are moderators and administrators present to make sure the security of the Chatiw, but the registration process is so easy that there are many fake and spammy accounts which may harm you if you reveal your personal details with strangers.

      Therefore, We won't say that Chatiw is a highly secure platform, you have to be extremely careful while chatting with strangers. Since there is no identity verification of the users, therefore you can't trust anyone even if the profile of the person looks to be completed.

      Sometimes, people get very emotional during a conversation with their opposite gender people and they just reveal their all the personal details and their secrets and they have to regret after their personal details become public by the scammers. So stay attentive while chatting with the strangers.

      The interface of Chatiw and Registration Process

      As we have already discussed that the interface of this platform is very simple and easy to understand and the navigation process on this website is also very facile. As far as sign up or registration process is concerned, it has the following two ways to register:

      As a Guest User

        Step 1: Just head over to the chatiw.com website.
      Image Credits: Chatiw.com
          Step 2: Enter your nickname, real age, gender, country(will automatically be fetched through GPS) and select the state and hit the "start chat now" button.
        Image Credit: Chatiw.com
          Step 3: Tick the Recaptcha button(I am not a robot), hit enter.  
          Step 4: Boom! You are ready to chat.

        As a Permanent User(Profile Sign Up)

          Step 1: Just go to the chatiw.com website, follow all the above steps of  "Guest user sign up".
                Step 2: Click on the account registration. You can also sign up through different accounts like Google, Facebook and many more options or you can simply register by email.

        Image Credit: Chatiw.com

                      Step 3: Enter your email and password and click on register.

        Image Credit: Chatiw.com

                      Step 4: Just enter your name and choose your age.
                      Step 5: Click on "Start Chatting". Boom! Registration completed.
                      Step 6: Now you can choose a plan according to your need and become a VIP member to enjoy some extra facilities.

        Mobile App for Chatiw

        There is also a mobile app available of Chatiw on the Google play store for android users and unfortunately, there is no IOS app available for the Apple users till now. The app is freely available for you to download.


        The Chatiw app is very user friendly and it functions the same as its web version. It is best for the mobile users to download this app because Chatiw website does not run as smooth on smartphones as it does on the desktop.

        9 Chatiw alternatives

        There are few alternatives to Chatiw which are given below:


        In Short, Chatiw is a pretty good online chat room to have some fun off. It is an easy to sign up website and doesn't require an email registration to use its basic services as a guest user. It has a decent chatting service, but the video cam service is exceptional and it is better than all the other free chat rooms available in the industry.

        This website is good for those who want to have some quick chat. It is ideal for casual dates, flirting and funny chats with random strangers. But it is not as good to find some serious soulmates but it is better than nothing. You can chat about any topic.

        Since there is no verification for the idenitity of the users, therefore you should be careful and attentive while disclosing your personal details with the strangers and whenever you find something inappropriate, you should immediately report it to the administrators and moderators to get rid of the spammy and fake accounts. 

        In the end, We will say that Chatiw is a fantastic website to try out and also share it with your friends to make some more fun.  So here was the complete description about Chat Avenue which is hard to find on the internet on a single website. 

        FAQ Section

        What is the minimum age requirement on Chatiw?

        There is not any specific minimum age requirement on this platform but anyone above 13 years is welcome on the website. Before the age of 13 years, it won't be suitable for the users.

        Can we share links on Chatiw?

        No, You can not share links on this platform. But the VIP members can definitely share links on this platform. So if you want to promote your website, youtube channel or any other things with links, you must get the VIP membership.

        How can I delete my data from this website?

        No, the deletion of your personal data or information is not possible at your end. Yes, if you are inactive on this website for a few hours, it will be automatically deleted.

        Can we chat anonymously on Chatiw?

        Yes, you can definitely chat anonymously on the Chatiw and this is the most important feature of this platform that's why so many people use this feature to hide their identity.

        How can I get unbanned?

        There is not any way to remove your ban. The ban will get automatically removed after the 48 hours, so stay patient if you are banned. But if you think that you haven't made any mistake and you still got banned, then you can contact the administrators and moderators for resolving the issue.

        How can I make a private chat on Chatiw?

        It is very simple and just takes a few seconds. You just click the users' profile with whom you want to chat privately. That's it, just start chatting.

        How can I change my location on Chatiw?

        You can't change your location or country manually because your location is automatically fetched by the GPS and it is a very important feature because some people add their fake locations.

        How can I send images on Chatiw?

        Just click on the user's profile with whom you want to chat, there is an option of an image just beside the send button. When you will click that button, the file manager will open and you have to select the desired image from the folder and just click on the send button.

        Is Chatiw a premium service?

        No, Chatiw has both free and premium memberships. You may choose whatever plan according to your need and desire. The VIP membership plan is very cheap, so don't worry about the money.

        Is my personal private data is safe on Chatiw?

        No, you should not share your private data on chatiw. Since there is not an identity verification, so there may be some scammers and fake profiles.