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In the other chatting websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc, you have to send friend requests to chat with the people. If they approve your friend request, then you are able to chat with them. You can't chat with random people on these platforms without their permission.


But on ChatKaro, you can definitely chat with any random person from different countries of the world without any registration or sending any friend requests. But before using Chatkaro, you must know its astonishing features so that you can highly improve your chatting experiences.

In this article, you will get all the details about Chatkaro, right from signing up to chatting with people. After reading this article, you can easily make the most of ChatKaro.

So, Let's just dive in.......

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Introducing ChatKaro | Free for You

Chatkaro homepage

ChatKaro is one of the best text-based random chatrooms on which you can chat with random charming people from all over the world. On this platform, there are various group chat rooms available and you can also make private chats if you want.

ChatKaro provides chat rooms that are country and city-specific which means you can choose the chatroom of your respective country or city. It is very simple to use and doesn't require any extra software or equipment to get started.

chatkaro logo

The Best part about the ChatKaro is that it is completely free to use. You can chat unlimitedly as much as you want. It doesn't require any sign-up or registration to get started, you can start chatting anonymously without any issue.

There are no hidden costs in Chatkaro and hence it is completely free. There is not any premium version of this platform. As far as the revenue of this website is concerned, it uses the Google AdSense ad network. 

There is also an android app available for ChatKaro on the Google Playstore but there is not an IOS available on the Apple Appstore. For Apple users, they have to use its web version of the mobile which is good and smooth.

 Active Members
 more than 1 million
 Daily logins
 more than 35,000
Totally Free
 Premium version
 Fraud risk
 medium/low level
 Direct Traffic
 Area/ Region
 India, International
 Account verification
 Android app
 IOS app
 Not Available

Astonishing Features of ChatKaro

Chatkaro has various features that are unique from most of the chatrooms present. Due to its great features, 100s and 1000s of people are available at every instant and only people who are older than 18 years can join this platform. Some of the great features of this phenomenal platform are given below:

Group Chat or Chat Rooms

This is the dominant feature of ChatKaro because ChatKaro has so many groups based on different themes, Countries, interests, etc. All of these groups are absolutely free to join. Each group has 100s of people online every time to chat with.

Chatkaro chatrooms

  • To access the group chat in the chat rooms, Click "Start Chatting" on the homepage.
  • On the next page, choose the group or chatroom that you like to chat in. 
  • After that, a chat window will get open in which you can start chatting with the members.
  • Beside the chatting window, there will be a list of people that are online in that group. 
  • You can send text messages and emojis. 
  • You can't send images and links. 
  • You can also send personal messages in the group to someone if you want to. You just have to click on the profile of that person, select "personal message" and send the message. It will be sent to him and this message will be visible to all the members of the group.
  • You can also send whisper messages in the group to a particular person. You have to click on the profile of a person, select "whisper message" and send the message. 
  • You can also view the profile of a particular person in the group. 
  • If you don't like the particular person, you can select the "ignore" option on his profile and that person won't be shown to you anymore.
  • You can always report to the administrators if you want.

Chat Rooms

There are so many chatrooms present in the ChatKaro. Chatrooms are added and removed on a regular basis as per their changing popularities. The list of the present groups of this platform is given below, they may change in the future.

  • India chat room
  • English, UK, USA Chatroom 
  • Canada Chat room
  • Australia chatroom
  • New Zealand chatroom
  • Adult Chat room
  • Philipines Chat room
  • UAE chat room
  • Qatar Chat room 
  • Asian Chat room
  • Japan Chat room
  • Pakistan Chat room
  • relationship room, 
  • Cricket room, 
  • English Chat room, 
  • Politics, 
  • Education, 
  • Engineering, 
  • Scholarship, 
  • Entertainment, 
  • Love
  • Heartbreak, 
  • Altitude
  • Malayalam chat room
  • Telugu online chat rooms, 
  • Tamil online chat rooms,
  • Punjab online chat rooms, 
  • Dubai online chat rooms.
  •  Mumbai online chat rooms, 
  • Hindi online chat rooms, 
  • Pune online chat rooms,
  • India chat,
  • Delhi chat, 
  • Mumbai chat, 
  • Goa chat, 
  • UP chat,
  • Bihar chat

Private Chat

There are 1000s of people available in the various chat rooms on this platform, you can start private chatting with any member from any group or chatroom. These people are very friendly and they are always ready to make good relations.

  • It is very easy to chat privately on ChatKaro. 
  • Just go to the homepage of this website, click "start chatting".
  • Choose any group from the list. Beside the chat window, there will be a list of people from which you can select anyone to start chatting privately. 
  • Click on the profile of a person, select private chat option.
  • A new private chat window will get open. 
  • Now you can chat whatever you want. 
  • You can also add people as your friend in the friend list. 
  • You can also view profiles. 

Interface & Simplicity of ChatKaro

  • The color combination of the homepage is nice but it could get better a lot. Font selection is also not appealing. The aesthetic features of this website are below par. Due to these reasons, the website does not look that good.
  • Apart from the looks, the website is very simple and easy to use. You can start a chat within few clicks. All the options and features of this ChatKaro are easily accessible.
  • The navigation of this website is also okay. There are various options on the navigation bar, but when you click them, you are redirected to the same page over and over again in most of the options.
  • The chatting experience is very fast and the website is very smooth. You don't face many technical issues while chatting on the website and the overall experience of the website is fair. 

Audience Quality

  • ChatKaro platform is open for all, therefore people from different countries use this website to chat. The major Chatkaro using countries are India, the USA, Qatar, UAE, and Philipines.
  • India constitutes the most traffic on this website i.e. 74% and the USA constitutes the second-highest traffic i.e. 13%.
  • Most of the people here fall in the age range of 18 -40 years. That means most of the people are young and you can also make good relations with them.
  • This platform is not made for only having fun and dating, you can also make discussions about various fields here like politics, Music, Sports, Mobiles, Technologies, Games, etc.
  • There are 1000s of people online on the Chatkaro any time you visit the website. 
  • You can also find singles to date here who are always ready to be with you. 
  • You will also find some fake profiles since it is very easy to chat anonymously. So Be cautious in starting a chat with any stranger. 

Inexpensive and Affordable

  •  The ChatKaro platform is absolutely free and there are no hidden costs involved in it. You don't have to pay a single penny for using any feature of this platform. All the astonishing features of this platform are absolutely free. 
  • Unlike the other chat rooms like chat avenue, CooMeet, Chatiw, etc. having VIP or premium memberships, ChatKaro does not have any VIP or premium membership program.
  •  You must have faced regular premium or VIP Updration appeals from the other Chat rooms but you won't face those appeals here.

Safety and Privacy

  •  Since ChatKaro is completely anonymous to use, therefore there are so many fake profiles on this platform. You can't know the exact gender, location and many details of the person whom with you are chatting. 
  • Since there is no Recaptcha filling option on this platform, therefore there are so many bots that can deceive you. You can't trust anyone here. 
  • There are a limited number of moderators and administrators that can't handle lots of people at the same time. 
  • Always try to hide your personal details like phone numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, IDs, etc. It is not safe to disclose these details on this platform. 
  • Since the minimum age of registration is 18 years, but there is no verification process of the age, therefore there will be many people who are less than 18 years visiting the website daily.  

Registration Process on ChatKaro

The registration process on this platform is very simple. There are two ways to register yourself on this website i.e. guest user and permanent member.

As a guest user

    Step 1: Just go to the homepage of
    Step 2: Tick on the Guest box.
    Step 3: Enter your username and gender. 
    Step 4: Click on remember me if you want. Click login, BOOM! you are reading to chat.

As a permanent user

    Step 1: Just go to the homepage of website.
              Step 2: Click on the register. Enter your username, gender, age, country, city.
              Step 3: Enter your email and password.
              Step 4: Click on "register now".         
              Step 5: Boom! Registration completed. Now you can start chatting.

9 ChatKaro alternatives

There are few alternatives to ChatKaro which are given below:

ChatKaro App

The Android application of the Chatkaro is also available to download on the Google Playstore. You can also download the Chatkaro app by clicking below.

ChatKaro App


In short, ChatKaro is a very nice website to chat and to hang out with strangers online. You can even find casual dates here. It is a great website to start a conversation without any registration which is okay for a person who feels lonely. 

The most notable feature of this website is that it is completely free and requires no registration to get started. You can also make an account here, but you can chat here anonymously as well without giving much details about you. 

As far as the security of the website is concerned, it is on the lower level because there is not an identity verification process due to which many people create fake accounts and try to cheat other innocent people. So always stay cautious before believing any stranger and always prevent yourself from sharing any personal or private information with strangers.

In the end, We will say that ChatKaro is a good online chat room and you should definitely visit this website carefully. So this was the complete description of the Chatkaro Chat room that you won't find anywhere on the web. 



Is it compulsory to register on Chatkaro?

No, it is not compulsory to register on ChatKaro for chatting. You can also chat anonymously as a guest user.

What is the minimum age requirement on ChatKaro?

The minimum age requirement for ChatKaro is 18 years. But due to lack of age verification process, many people lower than 18 years also visit this website.

Can I apply gender filters to ChatKaro?

No, you can't apply gender filters on ChatKaro. Since there is no paid version on this website, so you have to search for your preferred gender manually.

Is ChatKaro a premium service?

No, ChatKaro is a 100% free service. All the features and services of this website are free.

Is there an android and IOS app of Chatkaro?

Yes, there is an android app available for you on play store but there is no IOS app available.

Is Chatkaro a legal website?

Yes, Chatkaro is a completely legal website till the date. 

Is ChatKaro safe to use?

Yes, Chatkaro is safe to use but you have to pay proper attention to each step since there are so many fake accounts or profiles formed here.

How can I send a message on Chatkaro privately?

Just click on the user's profile whom you want to send a message privately. The chat window will open, type your message, and click send.

Can I block users on ChatKaro?

Yes, you can definitely block the people that seem inappropriate to you by clicking the "ignore" option.