Create your private chat room for free on Chatzy. You can also join the chat rooms of your friends and other people. You can create unlimited chat rooms on any topic with the help of this phenomenal platform.

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It is always nice to join some chatrooms and to have some fun chatting with your friends. But when you make your own chat room whose rules are defined you, it feels awesome. When many people join your own chat room for chatting, you feel special.


Chatzy is such a platform that can let you make your own chat room absolutely for free. You can add as many members as you want in your chat room and you can set the guidelines according to your will with the help of Chatzy. Chatzy is a good alternative to Facebook, Skype and such sort of Platforms.

In this article, we will guide you on how to create your first online chat room and we will make you understand all the great features of Chatzy that will make you feel like a Pro. So Free your time and get ready to get some pro tips of Chatzy.

Let's just dive in.........

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chatzy homepage

Chatzy is a free online platform on which you can create chatrooms and join others' chatrooms. People from all over the world use this phenomenal chatting platform to create rooms. People add their friends into their private room and they enjoy chatting together.

Chatzy is just like an alternative to social networking and messaging sites like Facebook. This platform has lots of Chat groups on various interesting topics which you can join. It doesn't require registration to join a particular group, therefore non-members can also join the groups.

chatzy logo

Chatzy offers mainly two types of chatting services:
  • Private Chat 
  • Group Chat/Chat room
Non-members can send private messages but they can't create rooms without registering on the website. The registration takes only a few clicks to be completed. They don't require your personal information for the sign-up process.

This website is completely anonymous since users only have their usernames', the website doesn't disclose the public or personal information to the public. Everything is nice here but you can't upload profile pictures here. You can also use Chatzy on an android app.

 Active Members
 more than 1.76 million
 Daily logins
 more than 60,000
 Premium version
 Fraud risk
 medium level
 Direct Traffic
 Area/ Region
 USA, International
 Account verification
 Email, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google
 Android app
 IOS app
 Not Available

Some Exciting Features of Chatzy

Chatzy has so many great features that have attracted a huge number of people to use it for chatting. Most of its useful features have been given below.

Unique terms on Chatzy

  • Visitor Status: You have to put a status message on your profile because whenever you will visit a room, the other members will see it. 
  • Locally Saved Messages: When you join a chat room, other members may send you private messages. The list of theses private messages is known as Locally saved messages. You can view these messages under "My messages" column. 
  • Global Messages: Global Messages are those messages that are sent to all the members of a particular chat room. Only room admins can send these messages by default. These settings can be changed by admins. 
  • Room Board: It is the area on the top of every chat room where the description and rules of the room are given. This text can be plain or moving. In the premium room, these settings can be changed. 
  • Preview Mode: In this mode, you send private messages in the group in such a way that system messages will not be triggered. Only room admins can use the preview mode by default. 
  • Silence Newbies: By silencing the Newbies, the new members won't be able to send messages. Newbies are those people who have entered in your chat room for the first time. You can also silence unregistered users. 
  • Ignore Visitors: If you ignore a person, you won't see his posts or private messages. You can ignore any user. 

Create your Free private Room

The most noteworthy feature of the Chatzy is that you can create your own private chat room for free. You can add your friends into your group and you can share your room with anyone.

  • It is very easy and simple to create your chat room on the Chatzy. Just go to the homepage of Chatzy and click on "Create Virtual Room". Then you have to enter the details of your chat room.
  • First of all, you have to enter the subject or title of the group, then you can customize the Entry message of the group, visitors colours, System message and content rules if you want. 
  • You can also add a timestamp to the messages i.e. the time of delivery of the message will be shown under each message. 
  • You can also enable the location of the members of the group.
  • A Group can allow different members to enter like Anybody, only users with a confirmed email and only users specifically invited
  • You can also enable reCaptcha filling before entering the group for the others. 
  • Set your room password. Everyone has to enter the room password before entering into the room. 
  • You can do many things in a room if permitted like entering via TOR browser, post-multi-line messages, embed youtube videos, embed internet images, view visitor list, view cleared contents, send out invitations and exchange private messages
  • You can also give some permissions to members of the room like Entering the room in a Preview mode, send out Global messages, ask Multiple choice questions, suppress the spam control, Clear the room, erase posts in review mode, close and reopen the chat, change the room board and modify the content rules.
  • There are some features like Trusting and silencing the newbies through email confirmations. 
  • You can also set the time limit for the visitors time out as if a user doesn't do something on a screen for a specific period of time, he will be logged out automatically. 
  • You can also set the room style and Room skin
  • You can also list your room on the search engines. This is the most stand out feature of the Chatzy. With this feature, anyone can find your room directly from google. 
  • You can also set the Custom URL of your room. 
  • Room Admins have to set their passwords and they have to submit their emails for making changes into the room.
  • Tick the Protect owner box if you want that only the owner can change the admin password or owner email.
  • After doing all these things, click on "Create my room". 
  • Now your room has been created, you can add anyone now.  
  • You can also search for any group from the search tab.

Private Messages

1 on 1 chat facilities is also available for you on the Chatzy. You easily set up a private chat with your partner.

  • For chatting private message, you first have to go the homepage of chatzy. Then, Click on "Start Quick chat".
  • Now, enter your name or email and select the colour. 
  • Now, fill the subject or title on which you have to chat with your friend. 
  • Add the email address of your friend whom you want to chat with. 
  • You can also write a message explaining the purpose of the chat. 
  • Now click on "Create my chat". 
  • Now a email invite link will be sent to your friend. He has to enter his name and he will join you in the chat. 
  • In the chat room, you can chat for unlimited time and you can also send emojis. 
  • On the right side of the screen, the list of the online members will be given.
  • You can view the profiles of members of the private chat and you can see their status messages.
  • You have to write a status message for your profile because whenever someone will view your profile, he will be able to see that message.

Emoji Library

There is a special section called Emoji Library in the Chatzy. Emoji Libray is a huge collection of different varieties of emojis. You can download them for free and use them unlimitedly.

  • There are various categories of Emojis.
  • You can also search for types of emojis on the search tab. 
  •  The categories of Emojis are Smileys & Faces, Gestures & Emotions, People, personal items, animals, planets, weather, plants, fruits, food, drinks etc.

Interface of Chatzy

  • Chatzy has a very plain design and the colour combination and font selection does not look aesthetically appealing. In short, the website is not good looking and its view is average.
  • It takes a little bit time to process the things on the Chatzy, the overall website experience could have been improved. The navigation is not that well.
  • Creating a group is a little bit complex because you have to give so many details to open a simple private chat room.
  • The loading speed of the website should be improved. Its layout could have been better.

Audience Quality

  • Many people from the world use this website to create private rooms and to chat with their friends or to find some interesting chat rooms.
  • Most of the users on Chatzy belongs to the age range of 15-32 years.
  • Most of the people on Chatzy are from the USA, UK, Canada, India, and Germany. But the majority of the people are from the USA i.e. 56.89%. 
  • There are more Male users as compared to the female users on this site.
  • Since the profile pictures are not uploaded here, it is tough to find the real person behind the name. You shouldn't trust anyone here blindly.


Chatzy is a free platform to make chat rooms but it also provides some premium facilities. There are two types of Premium plans here:

Free Services

  • Signup an account
  • Manage a list of rooms you formed
  • List of all the rooms you have entered
  • Use special chat commands
  • Create a quick chat
  • Create a virtual room
  • Join chatrooms
  • Search for chatrooms
  • Send messages in chatrooms
  • Send private messages to people in a chatroom
  • Keep a list of rooms you created
  • Customize your profile
  • Use the emoji library

Premium Services

Pricing and Plans

The time duration and price has been given below in the following tables:

Duration / Credits Costs
User Premium
3 Months3.33 USD / Month
6 Months2.50 USD / Month
12 Months2.00 USD / Month
Room Premium
2 Weeks5.45 USD / Week
1 Month16.90 USD / Month
3 Months13.30 USD / Month
12 Months10.75 USD / Month

Payment Options

There are two payment options:
  • Credit Cards
  • Paypal

Security & Privacy

  • The signup process on the Chatzy doesn't require many details, therefore users are completely anonymous here. So there will be many fake profiles here.
  • There are many administrators and moderators available on this a platform that ensures the authenticity of the profiles and their verification, therefore there are very few chances that you will find a fake profile or a bot to chat with. 
  • Even though the security of this website is quite lethal, but you still, be careful before disclosing your personal or private information to the strangers because they can misuse it especially your bank account details and your personal secrets. 

Registration Process in Chatzy

The registration or sign-up process on this platform is quite simple. Here are the steps that you can follow to easily register on this website.

              Step 1: Just go to the homepage of the Chatzy.

              Step 2: Click on register/signup.

              Step 3: You can signup through Facebook, Google, etc. Here we are signing up with email.

              Step 4:  Enter your email and status.

              Step 5: Tick on the "I'm not a robot" box and click 'send email'.
              Step 6: Now code will be sent to your email. Enter that code in the one-time box.

              Step 7: Enter your password and then re-enter your password

              Step 8: Click on "log me in" and Boom! you are logged in. 

Mobile app for Chatzy

You can also download an android app of the Chatzy on the Google play store. You can also download it by clicking the following link:

chatzy app

Chatzy alternatives

There are few alternatives to Chatzy which are given below:


In a nutshell, Chatzy is a decent website for joining various chat rooms for free. The best feature of this website is that you create your chatroom for free and you can make that chatroom private or public according to your will. 

The interface of the platform is not good. You will not feel well on the website but the working of the website is quite decent. It gives so many features to customize your chat room and add more functionality to it.

You don't need to signup on the website to join chat rooms and it takes just an email address to sign up, Chatzy doesn't ask much details form the users to sign up on the website. The users are completely anonymous, therefore there are lots of fake profiles out there.

Unlike the other similar video dating websites or chat rooms, the security of this website is phenomenal in the premium version of the Chatzy. 

So here were the complete details about the Chatzy in the most concise form(No garbage) which you won't find anywhere on the Internet.


How can I register on the Chatzy?

You can register on Chatzy in multiple ways like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft and via Email.

Can we chat anonymously on the Chatzy?

Yes, you can chat anonymously on the Chatzy. This platform doesn't ask much details in the sign-up, therefore eventually your account is completely anonymous.

When and Where was this site launched?

Chatzy was launched by the two computer professionals in Europe in 2001.

How can I download its Android and IOS app?

You can download the android version of the Chatzy but you can't download the IOS app of Chatzy. Till now, the IOS app of chatzy hasn't been made.

Who is a newbie on Chatzy?

If someone is entering into a particular chat room for the first time, he will be considered a newbie for that particular group cum chatroom.

What is Chatzy?

Chatzy is a free chatting platform where you can join various chatrooms for free and you can also create your own private and public chatrooms.

Can I apply gender filters on Chatzy

You can't apply gender filters on this platform till now. But you can send its links to any gender-specific person.

Is Chatzy safe to use?

Yes, Chatzy platform is quite safe to use as compared to the other chatting platforms of similar kinds. Its premium version is safer than its free version.

Is Chatzy legal to use?

Yes, Chatzy is a completely genuine and legal website for chatting and creating chat rooms.

Can I access Chatzy on tablets and smartphones?

Yes, you can definitely access the Chatzy platform in all the devices like PC, Laptop, Tablets and smartphones.