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Now, it is time to chat with those people whom you don't even know. In earlier times, due to lack of technology, it was hard for us to chat with people from the comfort of our home, but now you can easily chat with anyone in the world anytime.

Emerald Chat

Gone was the time when you had to physically look for a girl to date, now you can date any random girl from any country virtually with the random video and text chatting platforms. There are so many platforms like Coomeet, Shagle, Chat Random, ChatSpin etc. Emerald Chat is also a very good platform for virtual dating and group chatting.

With the great random chatting platform like Emerald Chat, you can chat with any random stranger 24X7. Before starting a chat on the Emerald chat, you need to know the qualities of this platform which will highly improve your chatting experience.

In this article, you will know each and every feature or quality of Emerald Chat.  Let's just dive in.....

Introducing Emerald Chat Hack for free Best Video & Text ChatRoom

Emerald Chat is one of the best random text and video cam based chatting platform. The best thing about this platform is that it is free and doesn't require any registration to get started. You can simply start chatting anonymously. It is just similar to Omegle and therefore it is the best Omegle Alternative.

Emerald Chat has mainly three features i.e.
  • 1 on 1 Text chatting, 
  • Video chatting 
  • Group Text chatting.

On this platform, you have to send a friend request just like Facebook to someone if you want to text chat with him privately. Emerald Chat has both free and premium services. While video chatting, you can also send text messages and pictures. You are assigned a temporary username when you log in to the site.

Emerald Chat logo

Emerald Chat also has various groups based on different topics where you can chat with the members of a particular group. You can also give karma ratings to the people whom you talk with like forums. But if you continuously give more and more karma ratings to a particular person in large quantity, you may get banned for 24 hours.

Till now, there are not any android and IOS apps available for the Emerald Chat, but they will provide you with these apps in future as mentioned in their website.

 Active Members
 more than 750k
 Daily logins
 more than 25k
 Premium version
 Fraud risk
 medium level
 Direct Traffic
 Area/ Region
 USA, International
 Account verification
 Android app
 Not Available
 IOS app
 Not Available

Exciting Features of Emerald Chat

There are many extremely well features of the Emerald Chat that you will definitely love. Due to these phenomenal features of Emerald Chat, 100s and 1000s of people always stay online on this platform. Let's just look at those features.


Random Video Chat

In this feature of the Emerald Chat, you are paired with a random stranger via video live streaming. You can talk with hot partners face to face here with this feature. Random Video Chatting is the most popular amongst the youngsters nowadays.

For using the video chat feature of the Emerald Chat efficiently:

  • Just log in to the Emerald Chat. 
  • Click on the video chat option. 
  • There will be two small screens for you and your chatting partner. 
  • You need to give permission to Emerald Chat to access the webcam and mic of your device.
  • After this, you will be paired with a random stranger. 
  • If you don't like him, press the next button. 
  • Beside the screens, there is a chat window where you can send text messages.
  • You can also enter your interests like cool, drowsy, lovely etc.
  • You can also send images. 
  • You can also view the profile of your chatting partner and you can also send a friend request if you want to talk to him in future. 
  • You will also be able to watch the previous people with whom you had chat in the history tab.

Group Text Chatting

There are various groups available on the website of Emerald Chat. These groups are based on certain interesting topics. You can join any group for free in which you are interested. There are 100s of people online in most of the groups every time.

  • Just log in to the Emerald Chat website. 
  • Click on the 'Group text chat' option. 
  • You will see a chat window in the centre.
  • On the left side, there is a list of groups from which you can choose any of the group.
  • On the right side, there is a list of people who are online in the group that you have chosen. 
  • You can send text messages and pictures on the chat window. 
  • From the list on the right, you can send anyone a text message. 
  • You can mute any person if you want.
  • If you find someone inappropriate, you can straight away report it to the moderator.

Various Groups on Emerald Chat

Here is the list of various groups that are available for you to join on Emerald:

  • Pie squad
  • moon squad
  • sushi squad
  • roleplaying
  • royal squad 
  • strawberry squad
  • conspiracy squad
  • water squad
  • ice squad 
  • noodle squad 
  • earth squad 
  • VIP
  • air squad
  • film squad 
  • banana squad
  • magic squad
  • cosmic squad
  • brain squad
  • dragon squad
  • sun squad
  • love squad
  • fire squad
  • general
  • lightning squad
  • apple squad 
  • cake squad 
  • pizza squad
  • bomb squad

1 on 1 Private Chat

With this feature of the Emerald Chat, you can chat with anyone in the text form. You just need to send a friend request to someone in order to chat with him privately. You can make unlimited number of friends on the Emerald Chat.

  • Just log in to the website of Emerald Chat.  
  • Go to your friend list, click on any member of the list and select "message".
  • If you don't have a friend list, then search for any friend in the search tab.
  • You can also find friends from certain groups and send them friend requests. 
  • Once you select the 'message', a private chat window will get opened.
  • You can send any text message.
  • You can also send images if you have at least 10 karma points. 
  • After the chat is over, you can give ratings to your partner like Karma +1 and karma -1. 
  • You can mute any person if you want.
  • If you find someone inappropriate, you can straight away report it to the moderator.

5-Little Known Qualities of Emerald Chat

  • There is a karma points system on the Emerald Chat that means you will be rated by your partner every time you finish a chat, the more karma points you will get, the more features you will be able to unlock e.g. if you get more than 10 karma points, you will be able to upload pictures on the platform.
  • There is a search tab in which you can search for your any friend. This is a special feature because most of the random chat rooms don't have this feature. 
  • If you are talking you with the high karma user, talk with him politely, otherwise, he can ban you and you won't be able to do anything against him because of high karma power. 
  • There is an interest matching system of the website. and there is also a ranking system of users here. 
  • You can also be in the "Hall of the Fame". The members of the "hall of the Fame" appear at top of everyone and they get famous. They also get tons of quality friend requests, especially from the girls. You have to pay $8.89 to be in the Hall of the Fame.

Attractive & Quality Interface

  • Emerald Chat has a very interactive and attractive interface. The colour combination of this platform is majorly composed of light and black which looks appealing. The logo of this platform contains a green-coloured diamond which gives a positive feel.
  • The website is Lightweight and lightning fast because it uses advanced technology. It provides high-quality HD video streaming services which make the chatting experience awesome.
  •  This website is updated frequently and it works phenomenally on the mobile because it uses the responsive theme that means it runs smoothly on any device like mobile, tablet and PC.
  • This website is highly customizable.

Audience Quality

  • There are more than 1,000 people online every time.
  • Most of the people on Emerald Chat belongs to the age range of 18-35 years. It means you will get lots of young beautiful people to date with and to make fun with.
  • Most of the people using Emerald Chat are from the USA, Germany, UK, India, Argentina, Australia and Turkey.
  • The USA covers most of the traffic here i.e. 31.71%. The second most Emerald Chat using country is Germany i.e. 7.36% and Argentina covers 6.43% traffic on this website.
  •  There are more male users than female users.
  • Most of the people here are beautiful and they always look for people to date with. Most of the girls here are very friendly and have a good sense of humour.


Emerald Chat has both free and paid services:

Free Services

  • Registration is absolutely free. 
  • You will find very fewer girls here.
  • You can look at female pictures.
  • You can join any group in  Group chatting.
  • You can send friend requests.
  • You can give karma ratings.

Premium Services

  • The Premium service is also called "Emerald Gold".
  • Your profile will be completely anonymous.
  • All the video transmission will be an encrypted form for providing high-level security. 
  • You can apply gender filters to find girls.
  • You will get a verified Blue TIck Badge and you will become a VIP member.
  • There will be no ads shown to you.
  • Emerald gold users are at the top of the queue and have priority on the matching system.

Pricing and Plans

There is only one plan of Emerald Gold.

         $3.89 per month

Payment Options

You can pay by stripe and credit cards.

 Security & Privacy

  • In its free version, you will find many spammy and fake profiles since there is no verification in its free version but in its paid version, you will find verified profiles. 
  • There are numerous administrators and moderators here on the Emerald Chat that ensures the authenticity of the profiles and their verification, therefore there are very few chances that you will find a fake profile or a bot to chat with. If you are in the Emerald Gold, you will be prioritised in front of the moderators.
  • Even though the security of this website in its premium version is phenomenal, but you still, be careful before disclosing your personal or private information to the strangers because they can misuse it especially your bank account details and your personal secrets. 
  • You may also be shown some inappropriate content, but you can filter it whether you wanna see it or not.

Registration Process in Emerald Chat

There are two ways for the registration:
  • As a Guest User
  • As a permanent User.

As a Guest User

    Step 1: Just head over to the website. Click below to visit the site.

    Step 2: Tick the "I'm not a robot" button.
    Step 3:  Click on "start ".  
    Step 4: Select the gender.
    Step 5: Boom! You are ready to chat.

As a Permanent Member

              Step 1: Just go to the website of
              Step 2: Click on register.  Here we will sign up with Email.

              Step 3: Here we are signing up with email. Enter your username and email.

              Step 4: Enter your password.

              Step 5: Tick the ReCaptcha button. Click on Sign up.
              Step 6: Boom! Registration completed. Now you can start chatting.

9 Emerald Chat alternatives

There are few alternatives to Emerald Chat which are given below:


In a nutshell, Emerald Chat is a decent random chatting platform where you can chat in all the forms i.e. Text, audio and video. It is one of the best free platforms for chatting and it requires no registration to get started. 

In order to make a private chat, you have to send friend requests to others just like Facebook. Apart from this, Emerald Chat contains karma rating system where you can give karma points to your chatting partner and vice versa.  The more karma points you have, the more authority you will have.

There is also a premium service of Emerald Chat which is also known as Emerald Gold. You can get gender filters in the Emerald Gold as well. You will hardly find a girl to date if you only use its free service. You have to use its paid services to find girls.

Unlike the other similar video dating websites or chat rooms, the security of this website is phenomenal and the authenticity of the profiles here is well maintained and most of the profiles here are verified.

So here were the complete details about the Emerald Chat in the most concise form(No garbage) which you won't find anywhere on the Internet.


What is the minimum age requirement on Emerald Chat?

The minimum age requirement for Emerald Chat is 18 years. But due to less security verification, you will find people younger than 18 years too.

Is Emerald Chat secure to use?

Yes, Emerald Chat is secure to use. Its premium version is more secure than its free version.

Can I apply gender filters on Emerald Chat?

Yes, you can apply gender filters but you need to have an Emerald Gold account for that.

What are Karma points in Emerald Chat?

Karma points are the form of ratings given to the chatting partners on the basis of the quality of the chat. More Karma points represent more authority.

Is there an android and IOS app of Emerald Chat?

No, there is not any android or IOS app available for you.

Can we chat anonymously on Emerald Chat?

Yes, you can chat anonymously on Emerald Chat as a guest user.

What is "Hall of the Fame"?

Hall of the Fame is a special status given to a person. After getting this status, you will be represented at the top of every chat and your authority will highly increase.

Can I use Emerald Chat in the USA and in Asia?

Yes, You can use Emerald Chat anywhere.

Is the sign-up process mandatory to chat on Emerald Chat?

No, you can easily chat without signing up as a guest user.

How can I block someone on Emerald Chat?

Just click the profile of the person whom you want to block and click "mute".