Gain new charming friends now on StrangerMeetUp for free. On this chatroom, you will find different people from all over the world having friendly aspirations to meet you. This chatting platform has various chatrooms according to your tastes and preferences.

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Making new friends, finding charming partners to date and exploring new things about the different cultures and having new experiences make our life enjoyable. For getting these valuable experiences, you have to meet new people more so often.

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For meeting new people more so often, you need a good chatting platform where you can smoothly search for random people and make connections with them. There are so many random chatting platforms available for you which can provide you with these facilities.

But StrangerMeetUp is such a good random chatting platform that can deliver according to your expectations. You can find really good friends there and you can make great connections with them. The most important thing is that you may also find your soulmate here.

StrangerMeetUp has so many features that are important to know for you to fully enjoy chatting on this platform. In this article, you will learn all the great qualities of StrangerMeetUp that can't be missed to fully utilize this chatting platform.

Let's just dive in.....

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StrangerMeetUp is one of the best random chatting platforms on the internet. It gives you the opportunity to connect with any random stranger from any part of the world. People here look for friendships and casual datings.

Like most of the other random chatting or dating platforms, you don't need to signup mandatorily in order to chat, you can chat with anybody anonymously as a guest user. You can use this platform for absolutely free without any hidden costs.

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On this platform, there are two ways of chatting i.e. Private message and group chatting. There are various groups or chatrooms for you to join which are based on different topics, interests, countries, languages etc. You can also create your own chatroom here.

You will also find a blog and forum on the StrangerMeetUp. These blogs and forum will help to understand the basic knowledge of attracting girls while chatting. If you have any query, you can also ask on the Forum of this platform.

The website of the StrangerMeetUp works great on the PC and mobile. But the android and IOS apps are also available for you to use them on your Smartphones. They are very similar to its web version but you can't send photos from the apps.

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Sensational Features of StrangerMeetUp

There are many exceptional features of StrangerMeetUp due to which the popularity of this platform has increased over the last few years. There are always tonnes of people online on StrangerMeetUp due to these features. Let's know them separately.

Little-known Qualities of StrangerMeetUp

  • To start a chat in StrangerMeetUp as a guest user, you have to fill the ReCaptcha. Therefore, bots will not be able to chat on this platform.
  • You will be connected to a stranger every time you chat privately, you won't be able to choose a particular person to chat with.
  • There are various groups available on the StrangerMeetUp where you will find lots of people to chat with. You can also add the members of the groups as your friend and your friend's list will be ready.
  • On this platform, you won't be able to chat in video form. Only text-based chatting and messages are available here. 
  • You can also send images and emojis. In its mobile app, there is some problem in sending images.
  • You can stop the Chat anytime and start a new chat if you are not interested in the present stranger. There are endless opportunities for chatting here.
  • You can also update your profile by adding gender, location, user type and a short about me section on it. There is also a "my status" section on your profile, you can update your status and other users will be able to like and comment on that status. You can also upload your image on your profile. 
  • The previous chatting messages will be store in the section "recently chatted list" and whenever someone updates his profile, you will be able to see that. 
  • There are two types of Chatrooms you will get on StrangerMeetUp i.e. Private and Public chatrooms. There are three public chatrooms i.e. Lobby, Friendship and Dating and private chatrooms can be made by any individual. 
  • StrangerMeetUp also has a well-maintained blog where you can find many quality articles about how to approach strangers and present yourself in the way that girls like you. 
  • They also have a forum where you can ask about anything related to online dating, StrangerMeetUp and other random dating platforms.  
  • There is also a section of "Success Stories" where you will find so many articles related to people who got successful in finding their soulmates on this platform. 
  • You don't need any external software like the flash player to chat on StrangerMeetUp, unlike some other random chatting platforms that require so.
  • You won't be able to send external links of other websites on the chatbox. 
  • You won't be able to do a video conferencing chat here.

Create your own Chat Rooms

One of the most sensational features that you won't find in any other popular chat rooms like Chatiw, Chat avenue, Chatzy etc. is that you can create your own chat room on the StrangerMeetUp. That chat room will be managed and regulated by you.

  • It is very easy to create your personal chat room on the strangerMeetUp.
  • Click on the "chat rooms" and you will see a create your chat room section.
  • Under this section, Enter the name of the Chatroom whatever you want.
  • Now, a unique URL of your chatroom will be automatically formed.
  • You are done, your chat room is created. 
  • Now you can invite other members to join this chat room by this URL

Interface of StangersMeetUp

The interface of the StangersMeetUp is very simple and very easy to understand. The registration process is not required at all, you can simply login anonymously as a guest user. The login process for a guest user is very easy. You just need to fill some basic details and fill the ReCaptcha, You are logged in.

  • The navigation of the website is pretty simple. There is a red-pinkish navigation bar at the top containing different sections. 
  • The font selection of the website has not been chosen aesthetically appealing. The colour combination of the website is average and layout is not formed well.
  • Starting a chat with different users is very easy. It takes only a few clicks to start a chat with a user.  
  • Whenever you click certain things, you are redirected to the same page.

Inexpensive and Affordable

  • StrangerMeetUp is an absolutely free online chatroom. Each and every feature of this chatroom is 100% free and there is not any hidden cost as well. All the services like messaging, creating rooms, managing rooms, private chatting, group chatting, joining groups etc. are totally free.
  • Unlike the other chat rooms like chat avenue, Bazoocam, Chatiw etc. having VIP or premium memberships, StrangerMeetUp does not have any VIP or premium membership programme.
  • You must have faced regular premium or VIP Updration appeals from the other Chat rooms but you won't face those appeals here. 

Audience Quality

  • People of many countries use StrangerMeetUp to chat with. The major countries which use this platform are USA, India, UK, UAE, Canada etc. 
  • India covers most of the traffic of this website i.e. 32.03%. The second most StangerMeetUp using country is the USA i.e. 24.77% and Canada covers 7.20% traffic on this website.
  • The age group of people varies from 18 years to 42 years.
  • There are many chat rooms available here and 100s of people always stay online in each of these groups.
  • The people are very friendly and engaging here and they always seek to make contacts with the others. Making new friends is very easy here.
  • You can also find singles to date here who are always ready to be with you. 
  • You will also find some fake profiles since it is very easy to chat anonymously. So Be cautious in starting a chat with any stranger.

Safety and Privacy

  • Since it is completely free to join this platform and there is no identity verification, therefore so many people make fake profiles here and try to cheat the other users. It is very difficult to know who is the real person behind the profile.
  • People often create new accounts by opening various tabs in their privacy mode. Therefore, you have to stay cautious and attentive always.
  • Always try to hide your personal details like phone numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, IDs etc. It is not safe to disclose these details on this platform. 
  • StrangerMeetUp will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in their Privacy Policy.

Registration Process on StrangerMeetUp

The registration process on this platform is very simple. There are two ways to register yourself on this website i.e. guest user and permanent member.

As a guest user

    Step 1: Just go to the homepage of
    Step 2: Click on "Chat with a Stanger Now"
    Step 3: Tick the Recaptcha button(I am not a robot), hit "start now".  
    Step 4: Boom! You are ready to chat.

As a permanent user

    Step 1: Just go to the homepage of website. Click on Sign-up.
              Step 2: Enter your username and email address.

              Step 3: Re-enter your email address and password.

              Step 4: Tick the Recaptcha button(I am not a robot), hit "save".

              Step 5: Now a verification link will be sent to your email account.

              Step 6: Open your email inbox and click the verification link.           

              Step 7: Boom! Registration completed. Now you can start chatting.


Mobile Apps for StrangerMeetUp

The android and IOS apps can be downloaded by the links given below. Just click the buttons to download the app for free.

Android app

IOS app

9 StrangerMeetUp alternatives

There are few alternatives to StrangerMeetUp which are given below:


In a nutshell, StrangerMeetUp is a very useful website to make new friends from all over the world and make good relations with them. Here you will be able to chat in only Text form. Voice and Video Chats facilities are not provided here.

The most notable feature of this website is that you can create and manage your own chat room. Besides this, this website doesn't require any registration to start chatting and it is a completely free website without any premium memberships. 

As far as the security of the website is concerned, it is on the medium-lower level because there is not an identity verification process due to which many people create fake accounts and try to cheat other innocent people. So always stay cautious before believing any stranger and always prevent yourself from sharing any personal or private information with the strangers. Whenever you feel some inappropriate, you should straight away report the administrators or moderators. 

In the end, We will say that StrangerMeetUp is a nice online chat room and you should definitely visit this website at least for once. So this was the complete description of the StrangerMeetUp Chat room that you won't find anywhere on the web. 



Is compulsory to register on StrangerMeetUp for chatting?

No, you can also log in as a guest user. You don't need to register mandatorily.

Is there any membership cost on StrangerMeetUp?

No, there is not any membership cost on StrangerMeetUp. Each and every feature of the website is completely free.

Can we get banned on this website?

Yes, you can definitely get banned on this website if you use offensive or inappropriate language, talk vulgar etc.

How do I change my password on this platform?

It's very easy. Just go to the "my account" section. Click the "reset password" link. Enter your new password and follow what is required. Your password will be changed immediately after completing the process.

Can we chat anonymously on StrangerMeetUp?

Yes, you can definitely chat anonymously on the StrangerMeetUp and most of the people chat anonymously here.

How can I block certain members on this platform?

There is no option of blocking on the StrangerMeetup. Alternatively, what you can do is that you should remove that person from your friend list if added.

Do Moderators manage every chat room?

Yes, there are so many moderators manage the chat rooms on StrangerMeetUp to keep the things in order and to prevent unethical activities.

Can I send images and links on StangerMeetUp?

Yes, definitely, you can send images on the platform but you can't send any links.

Do I need to send friend requests in order to add friends?

No, you don't need to send friend requests to add friends. You can just add them by click "+" sign. You don't need their approvals to be added.