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In the other social media networks like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, people especially hot girls don't casually chat with you and don't let you follow them or accept your friend request. You desperately need a companion to talk with or date with, but you don't get one.


To remove all these problems, random chatrooms are designed where you can easily chat with anyone without bothering anything and without registering yourself on these sites. Chat Bazaar is one of those websites which will allow you to remove all the above-mentioned problem.

Chat Bazaar is a kind of random chatroom which has lot more to offer than the other similar random chat rooms. But to know all those qualities of Chat Bazaar, you need to read this short, sweet and precise article.

So, Let's just dive in.......

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Introducing Chat Bazaar | Free for You

Chat Bazaar homepage

Chat Bazaar is a kind of chatroom that is a mixture of Facebook and a typical random chat room. Here you will get random groups to chat with and you can also send friend requests to anyone like Facebook, unlike other random chatrooms where you get only one chance to chat with a specific person.

Chat Bazaar only provides messaging or text chatting. It doesn't provide video chatting and voice chatting till now. Here you can chat with anyone in various groups and in private form as well. You can also develop your friend list here unlike other random chat room.

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The most noteworthy feature of the Chat Bazaar is that you don't need to do registration to start chatting unlike Facebook and it is completely free for you, it doesn't have any hidden cost, unlike other random chat rooms.

As far as the revenue of the Chat Bazaar is concerned, it uses the Google AdSense ad network. It has a very well developed and user-friendly design. People from all the world use Chat Bazaar to find their soulmates and for virtual dating.

It neither has an android app nor an IOS app for the mobile users but the mobile version of the website is as decent as its web version, you won't find many issues while using Chat Bazaar on the mobile phones.

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Mouth-watering Features of Chat Bazaar

Chat Bazaar has tonnes of qualities that are unique from most of the chatrooms present. Due to its great features, 100s  of people are available at every instant. Some of the great features of this phenomenal platform are given below:

12-Little-known features of Chat Bazaar

  • Chat Bazaar is used basically like Facebook i.e. you have to send friend requests in order to chat with a specific person. But you can also find random people in public groups.  
  • You can create a Friend's list here by clicking the ‘request friendship’ link found on the profiles of the other users. Once they accept your friend request, they will be added to your friend's list.
  • There are basically 5 public chatrooms available on the Chat Bazaar i.e. I am bored, Age 18 to 25, Age 26 to 35, Age 36 to 45 and Age 45+. If you want to use these rooms, registration is not required.
  • In each chatroom, you will find 100s of people to chat with. You can't send images and links here, you can only send text and emojis.
  • In each group, there will be a list of members online at that moment, you can chat with them in many ways like mentioning their name in chat, private chat and whispering. You can ignore anybody if you want.
  • When you will start a private chat with any person, a new room will be created.
  • You can search for specific people here by using basic search filters like gender, age, location etc.
  • You can bookmark the profiles of others. You can also like the photos of others like Facebook.
  • You can send private messages for free to anybody, he will find those messages in his inbox whether he replies to you or not. 
  • On your dashboard, you will find "matches". These matches are basically the suggestions of the profiles of some other users like you see on the other social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. 
  • You can also see the list of the people who viewed your profile.  
  • Profile photos are sent for approval before getting published on your profile. 

Interface & Simplicity of ChatKaro

  • The aesthetic features of the interface of the Chat Bazaar are very decent and the website is very easy & simple to use and to understand.
  • Chat Bazaar is accessible from any device whether it is a smartphone, tablet, PC or Smart TV. The theme of the website is responsive. 
  • This platform is very lightweight and hence, it has a great loading speed. The domain of the Chat Bazaar contains Secure Sockets Layer Certificate which improves the security.
  • The chatting experience is very fast and the website is very smooth. You don't face many technical issues while chatting on the website and the overall experience of the website is fair. 

Audience Quality

  • Chat Bazaar platform is open for all, therefore people from different countries use this website to chat. The major Chat Bazaar using countries are the UK, Jordan, the USA, Australia and Saudi Arabia.
  • The UK constitutes the most traffic on this website i.e. 47.19% and Jordan constitute the second-highest traffic i.e. 13.69%.
  • Most of the people here fall in the age range of 18 -33 years. That means most of the people are young and you can also make good relations with them.
  • This platform is not made for only having fun and dating, you can also make discussions about various fields here like politics, Music, Sports, Mobiles, Technologies, Games, etc.
  • There are 100s of people online on the Chatkaro any time you visit the website. 
  • You can also find singles to date here who are always ready to be with you. 

Inexpensive and Affordable

  •  The Chat Bazaar platform is absolutely free and there are no hidden costs involved in it. You don't have to pay a single penny for using any feature of this platform. All the astonishing features of this platform are absolutely free. 
  • Unlike the other chat rooms like chat avenue, CooMeet, Chatiw, etc. having VIP or premium memberships, Chat Bazaar does not have any VIP or premium membership program.
  •  You must have faced regular premium or VIP Updration appeals from the other Chat rooms but you won't face those appeals here.

Safety and Privacy

  •  Since Chat Bazaar is completely anonymous to use, therefore there are so many fake profiles on this platform. You can't know the exact gender, location and many details of the person whom with you are chatting. 
  • There are a limited number of moderators and administrators that can't handle lots of people at the same time. 
  • Always try to hide your personal details like phone numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, IDs, etc. It is not safe to disclose these details on this platform. 
  • Since the minimum age of registration is 18 years, but there is no verification process of the age, therefore there will be many people who are less than 18 years visiting the website daily.  

Registration Process on Chat Bazaar

The registration process on this platform is very simple. There are two ways to register yourself on this website i.e. guest user and permanent member.

As a guest user

    Step 1: Just go to the homepage of
    Step 2: Click on "As a guest user".
    Step 3: Enter your Nickname, age, gender and country. Tick the Recaptcha box.
    Step 4: Click on "Enter Chatroom". Click login, BOOM! you are reading to chat.

As a permanent user

    Step 1: Just go to the homepage of website.
              Step 2: Click on the "create account". Enter your username, email, password.

              Step 3: Enter your gender, date of birth and Country. Tick the "I agree" box

              Step 4: Tick the Recaptcha button and Click on "Create account".          

              Step 5: Verify your email and BOOM! You are ready to chat.

9 Chat Bazaar alternatives

There are few alternatives to Chat Bazaar which are given below:


In short, Chat Bazaar is a decent website for virtual dating. You will find many profiles here that are waiting to start a relationship with you. But these relationships are for the short term, please don't hope for long term relationships on the platforms like these. 

The most notable feature of this website is that it is completely free and requires no registration to get started.  You can also apply search filters, see the list of people who viewed your profile and you can make your friend's list which is not possible in most of the other chatrooms. 

As far as the security of the website is concerned, it is of the medium level. You are supposed to fill ReCaptcha every time you try to log in. So, the bot activities are prevented here, but you should stay cautious before trusting anyone here.

In the end, We will say that Chat Bazaar is a good online chat room and you should definitely visit this website carefully. So this was the complete description of the Chat Bazaar that you won't find anywhere on the web. 



Is it compulsory to register on Chat Bazaar?

No, it is not compulsory to register on Chat Bazaar for starting a chat. You can definitely chat anonymously as a guest user.

What is the minimum age requirement on Chat Bazaar?

The minimum age requirement for Chat Bazaar is 18 years. But due to lack of age verification process, many people younger than 18 years also visit this website.

Can I apply search filters for free here?

Yes, you can apply search filters of gender, location, age and username for absolutely free on Chat Bazaar.

What are the different types of Chatrooms on Chat Bazaar?

There are basically 5 public chatrooms here I am bored, Age 18 to 25, Age 26 to 35, Age 36 to 45 and Age 45+.

Is there an android and IOS app of Chat Bazaar?

No, you won't find android and IOS apps of Chat Bazaar.

Can I view the profiles of the members of Chat Bazaar as a Guest User?

No, you can't view the profiles of the members of Chat Bazaar as a guest user, you must register for doing so. 

Can I send videos on Chat Bazaar?

No, You can't send videos on this platform, you can only send text messages.

Will I be notified if someone likes my photo?

Yes, You will be notified when someone will like your photo on Chat Bazaar.

Can I block users on Chat Bazaar?

Yes, you can definitely block the people that seem inappropriate to you by clicking the "ignore" option.